NeoGeo-X Unboxing and first impressions - a faulty unit? Not too happy

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I think my expectations of this device were a bit too high and comparing it to the AES is perhaps not fair. But I have some issues with the hardware that may actually be a manufacturing-fault. Read more below...

I seem to have an issue with my left shoulderbutton not registering clicks so I can't resize the screen. I thought it wasn't possible to change Widescreen - 4:3 but you need the left shoulderbutton for that. And it doesn't register any clicks and is somehow off :(
Also the position of it is different from the right one - it seems to be recessed more as if it somehow got depressed more than the other one.
This could also have been an issue with the shipping as the box was just put in a bigger box with just a slight bit of bubble wrap around it. The outer box was a bit messed up from handeling.

Compared to the real SNK Joystick of the AES the USB one from this package definitely feels cheaper. They talk about using the same components but the feel of the joystick is very much different from the real deal. I played some shmups and some fighters on Mame and quite a few of my arcade joysticks (PSX that hook up over a USB conversion plug) have better joysticks and buttons :(

When playing the games I encountered screen-tearing with horizontal scrolling games in the handheld mode. Both in PAL and NTSC modes. I saw the same tearing on one of the videos where someone hooked up the system over HDMI and Composite video so that made me decide not to hook it up for this video :(

The handheld experience with the faulty shoulderbutton - I need to get in touch with the reseller - is not good. I will see what I hear back from the vendor - preferably I don't want to fork out more money to send it back. I could perhaps repair it myself and void warranty (which is only 90 days anyways). 90 days!???!???

The shoulderbutton issue together with owning an AES and a CD based NeoGeo and comparing it to those probably ruins the experience for me. :(

Sorry guys - just my initial experiences. Any recommendations?.