When Is Enough Enough?

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How much is too Much?
A hobby playing and collecting video-games can get out of control or kept in check. How much of your space will you allow your hobby to take up? A shelf? A cabinet? A room? A house? A small town or country? For all of us it is different, this video shows what my stance is on my own personal situation.

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Not cheap hobby

I know that it this very rude question, but do you know, how much money you invest into this collection?

My situation, i have my stuff in 2 locations:
1) in city where i living / developing as typical bedroom game developer for now (in past we had office, but because our people live in different cities and we want to save not money we move out, for some now.. but im sure we will have other one in other city in the future) and must have all my stuff in one room, so im surronded by gaming. I have money to live in bigger flat, but now im in how to say in save mode, because i need save money for pay my team developers, or for worse future. Now im living in some cycles, few months of normal work in normal IT business, few months on my project, so i still dont full hate my place, but it wil be maybe come..

2) 30 kilometers from #1 place, in one strange "space research" village were our family have house right beside big wood, there are still 2 rooms dedicated to my. Where again im surronded by video games, because i sleep, live and play i one room and second room is very small 4x2,5 meters, here i have PC for old games, NAS and lots of computer games, computer and role playing magazines, books and most of space is consumed by lots of pc hardware, used for build computer and repair computers, because lots of people still comming to my, as to computer guy and want something fix.. so im need all tools, all cables, one procesor for every socket, lots of cards, coolers etc.. Before 8 years, i maked this way part of my revenue, but now such ammount of money for such work is for my not significant, so im doing it almost for free, as sometime not too pleasant hobby.
But in last 2 years i simple havent time spent more and half a day in this location, even is still for my on primary game hive in my mind. Its simple great play the game, make a break go to 10 minutes to wood, thinking about game, rest eyes and comeback and play.

I was everytime a desktop player, not console player, because in past i havent money for console and console games (i already had pc, and console meant extra money), after because i realized that, desktop experience is for my much better than console. For my is better have all my things in one place (in desktop) so rather that consoles and heavy emulators user. Only current console gen which isnt emulated (except Wii, but for Wii is realy small amount good games - i tried Zelda, Mad World, Red steel nothing else wasnt interesing for my), im forced to use, here im once upon time playing few exculsive games which dont exist for PC, like Heavy rain, Red dead redemption, Gears of War etc.

Most confusing on all that situation is that i must have 2 up to date PCs, with multiple good IPS monitors, which is expensive and for my is PC also tool to make money, slow pc=waste of development time, so i have excuse:) Where is "fail" of number of pcs, because i have:
location: master PC; old games pc (cuting edge PC, whre is possible still runs - Win98, with special boards, which support Sata and Core2Duo); NAS (for backing, download, 24/7 network data access etc..)
location 1: master PC; NAS (again 24/7, linux debian, works lots as movie center very small power consomation and for quick google searching, if you have not time to boot master PC); mac mini (for development, because for iPad development, spend some time too force unsupported Vista (only Win 7 are supported by Lions bootcamp) to run here). I have also 1 notebook and netbook, if need to be mobile. On every pcs, i have multiple OSs partions - minimaly 1 linux, something more distributions. I have also lots of virtual machines for different purposed, which i have to, time to time maintain.
Except that, there are few Ipads for development and today arrived Archos Gamepad, my first non virtual android device.

Who: Brujah Zealot, the pimp of babylons bitch. / Location: Scorched heart of Europe. // Sorry for my moldavian sort of english, i have 2 possibilities, to be silent or try to say something +look like idiot..

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