The Worst Coin-Op to Console Converions

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IGN has a nice feature up about the worst coin-op conversions, and I bet we've all probably suffered through most of them. Yes, the VCS Pac-Man is on the list, as is Donkey Kong and Dragon's Lair for the SNES. I doubt any kid who received the SNES version of Mortal Kombat was happy on Christmas...One surprising entry is Midway's Greatest Arcade Hits for the GBA. I love the line: "If you want to see your gaming childhood ruined, play these conversions."


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Final Fight was very

Final Fight was very impressive when it came out, in 1991 for SNES. It looked JUST like the arcade, if not even brighter and more colorful.

You should check out the Sega CD version of Final Fight; even though the colors STINK, the audio/music is just breath taking!

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