Mark Plays... Tubular Worlds (PC / MS-DOS / Amiga / 1994)

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I was going to play the Amiga game but that kept on crashing on me so I chose to do the PC version instead which is very similar if not identical.
A great R-type/Nemesis/Gradius like shoot'm up for PC and Amiga systems. Very nice smooth scrolling and a wonderful use of the 256 colours of the VGA palette. It spreads around 4 levels (worlds), has a nice weapons upgrade system comparable to that of Konami and Compile shooters. Nice soundtrack and great sound FX using the wonderful Sounblaster and FM synthesis. A two player mode is optional but I was unable to show you that as I didn't have a second player available to me. The game is controlled through either mouse, joystick or keyboard


Rowdy Rob
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Never seen this game before

I don't think I've ever heard of, much less seen, Tubular Worlds before. It looks pretty cool!

It's strange that the "retro" craze of today means many games are coming out with pseudo 8-bit/16-bit graphics, even some shooters, like "Jamestown." So "Tubular Worlds" would look right at home as a "modern" game.

Mark Vergeer
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Indeed Rob, this won't look out of place on a tablet using the touch controls instead of the mouse control. The retro graphics are quite 'en vogue' these days.


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