Mark Plays... PSP Emulation on Android (PPSSPP running on the GameMID)

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In this video I demonstrate how well Playstation Portable Emulation is running on Android. The GameMID Android handheld has physical buttons that makes running PSP games on an Android device a blast. You'll be able to probably get similar performances on the Archos Gamepad and the JXD 7300B machines although the GameMID seems to run this best.

In my neck of the woods it is legal to make backup copies of your games as well as 'jail breaking' your PSP and you can have your PSN downloads up and running on this emulator in no-time. The games shown in this video have all been purchased by me and are demonstrated running on Android hardware instead of PSP hardware. Now were did I leave by stack of RPG-UMDs?

A cool video by MobileDecay of this emulator running on the Nexus 7 2013 edition:

Check out MobileDecay's channel here and go sub. He deserves more subs!


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PPSSPP 0.91 is out

Just a quick update to tell you guys that version 0.91 is out and it has a slightly higher compatibility. Installed this version on the Archos Gamepad and it ran this game very well. I also installed (side-loaded) the 0.91 version onto the OUYA and tried to see how that worked but it just runs a lot slower than on the Archos Gamepad as well as the JXD 7300B and the GameMID. Not sure what is up with that. It is possible to map the keys in 0.91. On the OUYA you will have to map SELECT to L3 and START to R3 as the OUYA controller is magically missing those two buttons entirely. On the JXD 7300B you'll have to remap some of the buttons as the emulator itself juggles around the controls onto the wrong buttons itself. Still awesome emulator that is also running great on PC.


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