Rand Miller on Myst Uru and GameTap

Matt Barton's picture

GamaSutra has an interview up with Rand Miller, co-architect of the famous Myst series. The interview seems to be an effort to grab some free publicity for Cyan's new project--resurrecting Myst Uru for live play via GameTap. I'm not sure what to expect, but judging from the project's homepage, Cyan has big plans...And I hope things work out well for them.

Ah, Myst. It really is a defining series for the graphical adventure game genre, but it's had its ups and downs. I've played through all of them, and, boy, let me tell you, Myst URU was by far and away the worst of them (read my review for reasons why). Uru was intended to be a massive multiplayer online game, but, for reasons I haven't fully explored, the plans fell through and Cyan decided to salvage the project as a stand-alone game with a series of expansions. As anyone who has suffered through Uru is aware, the problem was always with the implementation rather than the concept, though I've often wondered just how a multiplayer adventure game would work. Would it require that players work together to solve puzzles? And what would prevent ingrates from running around spoiling all the puzzles for everyone else? The obvious answer is that players would create their own puzzle words; generate their own content and help expand the gameworld far and wide.

At any rate, if Cyan can work out the problems Uru had with character movement and the controls, perhaps I will return to Uru and try out Uru Live.