Xbox One in Europe - 50hz issue / Suffers from 50Hz TV integration

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XboxoneXbox OneCustomers in European countries lucky enough to be able to use the Xbox One have been complaining about stuttering images when connecting a tuner through the HMDI through function. Since the dawn of time, European TV broadcasts have used 50hz and the Xbox One can only output 60Hz. This causes unwanted issues. With the switch to HD one would think that 50Hz has gone away, but for European TV - even in Full HD - it is still there.

Now, for years, PAL TV sets have been able to display both 50Hz and 60Hz, and most modern games offer PAL60, but because the Xbox One can't do 50Hz, passed through 50Hz images stutter because of incomplete frame rate conversions.

Seems a little oversight of the boys over at Microsoft. So the media centre thing seems to be something that doesn't cause a lot of joy right now. The issue creeps up most with panning and horizontal movements. Sports have been commented on as being unwatchable. Let's hope this can be fixed with a firmware or software update.


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Should be fixable with

Should be fixable with software - though if this isn't done in hardware then, not being native, it will be a bit of a cludge. For a box to be pushed as a media centre this is a bit of an oversight to say the least. There are those who consider PAL to be superior for watching films - the frame rate is closer to original film at 24fps for example. There are also all sorts of horrific issues re sound when playback speed is affected by this - people with a keen ear have been known to notice the difference re soundtracks.

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