GameMID Android Handheld - Update on availability - December 7th 2013

Mark Vergeer's picture

Mark Smile The Android handheld I reported on earlier has now also become available for sale on the company's updated website. There's an order now button where you can place an order directly from the manufacturer or request additional information. The manufacturer is located in Hong Kong so it could be that you will have to pay additional import taxes according to your locale. Getting one from a retailer locally would be your best option but if that isn't an option going the direct route may be a good alternative. The unit comes in a sturdy box and is well protected by a specialized air filled sleeve. A charger compatible with your local AC power grid is also provided.

But now the GameMID has also been released to the German market and is sold as the "Phantom" - Expert shops are the go to places to get this device locally in Germany. It may be easier to import from Germany too. Here's a link to a German language review of the console.