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So a while back I got three computers from an old electronics store find. So I really do not know the history behind the computers. 2 of the 3 computers work great and then I got this odd Color Computer 2. I showed it to a few collectors and no one seems to know what it is. Instead of a 3 or 4 switch on the back it has a C and M switch. Color and Monochrome? Also the rf jack has seemed to have been modded. It does not fit a regular rf cord but instead a headphone jack will fit. I tried to use a cord that went from a headphone hookup to rca hookups but that did not seem to work. Again it looks modded but it would have happened a long time ago as it has been sitting in an old electronics store for years. It also has a standard US plug in. Anyone know what I have here? I also posted this on atariage with a pic if anyone is interested in looking at a picture.

Thanks, Brandon

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Looking at the pics...

It's obviously not a a crappy hack job. Someone put some thought into that.


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