Just say No to kids react to old computers

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I hate that the latest "kids react to old computers" video (this time centered around the Apple II) is making the rounds everywhere. Besides the fact that this same click-bait gimmick has been done multiple times before with other computers, it proves nothing. You can put just about anyone of any age in front of just about any old computer and they likely won't know what to do with it beyond possibly knowing how to insert removable media and then stumbling around for the rest. Every computer back then had its own set of commands and own way of working beyond the basics. Even someone who is highly skilled in one or another brand of vintage computer won't necessarily have a clue how to work with a completely different brand of vintage computer. I've certainly experienced this phenomena myself, especially since I work with dozens of different vintage computers each year (Pro Tip: Keeping command "cheat sheets" handy is a big help!).

And no, today's computers and mobile devices haven't made anyone "stupid" or "lazy." Today's computers and mobile devices - as you would hope from almost 40 years of evolution in the home - are merely more user friendly. Personal computers back then always strived for that as well, but there were obvious limits given the technology. [Read more]

Anyway, for those who appreciate the "kids say the darnedest thing" model of entertainment value, here's the link to the video in question.


Juan Castro (not verified)
Something in that video was bothering me

...which I couldn't quite put my finger on; that was it. The whole thing was contrived: the kids were left with the computer and NO DISK TO BOOT IT for minutes, just to get "funny reactions". Realistically, they should have introduced them the same way real kids of the same age were when they got those computers at their time: they have getting-started instructions, a user manual and some software right away.

Aaron (not verified)
I have to agree...I really

I have to agree...I really disliked this idiotic segment. Put a kid in front of any machine without the ability to start properly and you'll get the same reaction. What was the purpose of this anyway? Get it out!

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