Taking a look at the Steel Series Free Mobile Wireless Controller (ZeeMote)(Gaming on Android)

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Android has become a very good and solid operating system sporting all sorts of multimedia and gaming apps. Mobile gaming relying on the touch interface or using the gyroscopes often is frowned upon by more hard core gamers who feel the need for physical controls. (Read more)

I have been reviewing dedicated Android gaming handhelds like the GameMID and they offer great value for money. People already owning a good tablet that has blueTooth support may consider getting something like this. It's a tad small for my hands but has very decent action buttons and analog sticks. In the video I didn't put a lot of effort into configuring the buttons -- in supported applications mapping the buttons is a fairly easy thing to do.

Here's the website:

It's not only compatible with Android, it can also be used with Windows and OS X.

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Jeffrey McCaw (not verified)
its good but I just have

its good but I just have stopped using android because it kills battery. The OS is first of all responsible and many unauthorized spam apps are there to kill battery

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