G-Phoria 2006 Awards - Vote Today!

Head on over to G4TV's website and vote for your favorite games of the year. Sure, this television awards show had a rough start but it looks like it's the closest we'll get to a respected televised awards show recognizing excellence in gaming, if you ignore all the blatant corporate sponsorship. Besides, it's really all about the games and last year's winners were pretty much spot on, except for the glaring omission of Resident Evil 4 in favor of blockbuster hit Halo 2.

It would be nice to have an award show for videogames in which voting is limited to a group of expert judges (this way low-grossing critically acclaimed games have a shot against the bigger blockbusters). I doubt we'll ever see a game like Gish on one of these "People's Choice" award shows, unfortunately.


Bill Loguidice
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G4 - Don't Even Bother

G4 is not worth the note or the energy anymore in my opinion. Since they destroyed TechTV in the merger and destroyed themselves afterwards by all but eliminating videogame content (and converting their shows like "Filter" and "Icons" to non-videogame content), they no longer have a reason to exist. Good riddance when the end for them finally comes, or they officially turn into "SpikeTV 2" (they're what, a third Star Trek series away at this point?). I look forward to the day when computer and videogame television makes a proper re-emergence. I just know there's a market for it when the time comes and it's done right...

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What Bill said

G4 continues to amaze me. How do you take some good content, destroy it and continue saying you are a gaming/tech network?

Matt Barton
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One word: Analysts. :-)

One word: Analysts. :-) Really, I think any cable station dedicated to gaming is going to be heavily managed at the top by towel salesmen (i.e., folks with no clue what gaming is, only what it takes to get ratings). The "ol boy" network will guarantee that all "radical" ideas are promptly axed. Imitation leads to profits. Everything else is risky, and when it's your grandson's Harvard fraternity fees on the line, you don't take risks. *&*24 the $@$@# gaming dorks. This is business. Paris Hilton makes good ratings. Nolan Bushnell makes poor ratings.

Really, though, I hardly ever watch television. I stopped watching it during college and noticed that after about six months had passed, I simply couldn't handle it. The shows might be okay, but the commercials were like being pelted on the head by rocks. I guess people who watch it constantly get numb to these psychic assaults, but it's highly irritating for me to be in a room with a TV on for this reason.

In all seriousness, I suggest you either stop watching TV or limit yourself to non-commercial networks for a few months and then judge the reaction for yourself.

I watch a lot of Star Trek (watching DS9 now), but I prefer to either download the episodes via torrents or buy the DVDs if I can find them cheap enough.


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