Where are they now? Street Fighter II Warriors

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A site called College Humor has a really well-done and funny video up called Street Fighter: The Later Years. The video picks up 10 years after SF 2, and shows what life is like now for two SF characters--Zangif and Dhalsim. It appears to be part of an upcoming series of shorts, and I'm already looking forward to the next installment.

Secondly, though it can't compete with Bill's massive retro studio, you should definitely check out Jeff Kinder's Gameroom. Kinder is a Dragon's Lair freak with one of the sweetest basement arcades in the US! Bill--Kinder lives in northern New Jersey. Coincidence?


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Jeff Kinder's setup is

Jeff Kinder's setup is amazing, as is Rob O'Hara's. Obviously my collecting is a different form entirely, going for home entertainment over arcade entertainment. I would LOVE to have a true arcade with real arcade machines and pins, but considering I have space issues with the home videogame and computer stuff, I couldn't possibly imagine making it work with such amazing and large machines. Also, it was horrible enough moving my MAME arcade cabinet down to the basement, so I couldn't imagine doing it on a larger volume scale.

Regardless, I think the Kinder and O'Hara setups are the most beautiful form of collecting, since things really can be made to look amazing, of course enhanced by all the lights and glowy bits, as well as sound effects. Of course keeping all of that powered must cost a small fortune, as does the acquisition and maintenance of the actual machines.

I'm doing a small theme around my MAME arcade cabinet, with classic marquees and other arcade trappings, but it will still be geared to "home", as that room doubles as a spare den.

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wattzy (not verified)
next one

Do you know when the next one is going to be released. I want to see bisen!


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Heh, loved the Street

Heh, loved the Street Fighter satire...................

Oldschool games, some people just don't "get it"...


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