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History of Console Prices - The good-old days weren't that much different

Data like this has been supplied by others before, but this is a particularly impressive charting of select console system prices over the years from the first programmable videogame system, the 1976 Fairchild Video Entertainment System (VES, later Channel F), to the latest to release pricing data, the 2006 Sony PlayStation 3. What I like about this is that two charts are supplied, one for the absolute retail prices and one for the inflation-adjusted prices. As I've argued elsewhere, while paying $60 for a game stinks, relatively speaking we've been paying that and more for countless years. Same thing with modern consoles. While it's a difficult pill to swallow a $600 PlayStation 3 (my recommendation is don't even look at the crippled $500 model), relatively speaking it's not so bad, particularly since it pulls additional duties as a hi-def media center.

Click here for the original post on "Curmudgeon Gamer" and the links to the two separate PDF files.

A Holiday in the Orient + New Avatar

Much like Mark, I will be on holiday soon, but it won't be in Egypt. From May 18th to June 20th, I will be in Japan. While I don't have a laptop, I will have access to Internet Cafes, though due to my tight budget, it won't be as often as I would like.

It's great how far the site has come along, especially in the past few months. It's very exciting to see we are near the relaunch period.

Attached is an image of a new profile I worked on for my website. Although it is tough to tell with its small resolution, I did a lot of Photoshop layers to give it a nice textured sketch feel.

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Status on the double login bug

Any progress on the double login bug? It seems to be very specific now. When you go to , it has the login. You login, then it changes to and requires the second login with the same name and password. Perhaps masking the URL would solve this?

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A USB Powerglove?

FourScore: USB-retrofitted NES FourScore gameport extender. Where else will you find one?FourScore: USB-retrofitted NES FourScore gameport extender. Where else will you find one?How'd you like to have a USB Powerglove? Now's your chance. Retrozone is offering a whole slew of USB-fitted retro NES gear, including the NES PowerPad and even the Advantage. Of course, you can also get the classic controller or a retrokit to adapt your own NES controller. Looks like vital necessities for the serious NES emulator. Link via Gizmodo.

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Nintendo press conferece.

Can one of you catch the Nintendo press conference and post a news article on it? I will be on the road and not able to watch it like I did the Sony one today. A nice short article in here and in news on the old site would be nice.

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Sony E3 release PS3 launch details!

So far the developer studio titles look run of the mill. Unless you make a notable exception for the stunning graphics in the demo of Gran Turismo HD, can you say full rate 1080p graphics in real time? Compared to that most of the other games were slightly upgraded versions of the same old PS2 titles.

EA managed to buy a slot in the show to plug their 200X versions of the cash cow sports games. Yes they now can move with out spinning in circles. But otherwise they are just another Madden.

Both Final Fantasy XIII, and Metal Gear Solid 4 looked visually stunning, but once again it looked like rendered non-interactive video clips on display.

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Site upgrade is complete.

Since this got buried in a blog and did not pop up front I thought I would repeat it here...

THE UPGRADE to Drupal 4.7.0 is COMPLETED!

So have at it, tear into things and lets see what we want to do next.

BTW I will be off to Houston to the Johnson Space Center for the rest of the week, so you will have to go bug stomping without me.

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E3 live video cast of the Sony Keynote

There is free live coverage of the E3 keynotes at

The Sony keynote will be at 7PM est. I will be watching and have messenger on line to hold a comment session as we watch.


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Permissions and Access settings.

Could someone take a look at the permissions and access stuff, it seems to have not come across during the upgrade. Thanks.

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