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Adventure Classic Gaming

I've sent these guys a query about whether they'd be interested in publishing or republishing some of my GAG Reviews. Hopefully, they won't flake out and not acknowledge me like two other big adventure game sites I queried. I just completed Simon the Sorceror I and II, and am eager to get some reviews published where more people can see them. I especially like this site's non-exclusive publishing policy, which will allow me to also publish the reviews in other places.

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Note--I'm doing some work today on the website, so please bear with me if things look odd or don't function quite right for awhile.

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Just something to file away for potential future use and a heads-up on my current status...

Potential future use?:

My current status:
I'm still busy at my regular job. It looks like it will stay that way for a while. I'm just going to have to work around it.

I'm waiting to hear back from the publisher and/or my agent on the first advance payment for the first section of the book. I'll be continuing to plug away on that, still behind schedule for the rest of the book.

Not much progress as of yet on television and radio proposals sent out. I'll probably do some tests at home to see if I can do a semi-pro level 15-minute pilot for PBS with current equipment and help. (and thanks to Matt, I'll probably explore some of those grants in the not-too-distant future)

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Game On Stuff

I thought you guys might find this interesting.

AA Neo Mockup

Obviously this is way too minimalist, but this is an idea of how the finished site could look.

I apologize for my lack of drawing abilities in advance.

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Step-by-Step Outline

I think we should all hammer out a good outline of things that need doing, then we can put a timeline around it, perhaps giving a week or two between each goal to give us time to do other things, but still get it done in a reasonable amount of time. Here's something VERY rough. Please add to it, change it, etc. (this is total off-the-cuff, top-of-head stuff)

1 - Set menu items (meaning Home, Latest Issue, Blogs, Books, Store, Games, etc., whatever); In other words, what will the top and sub-level menus be as we see it right now

2 - Put up a Website design as a placeholder. Simple, simple, simple, but something that still reflects the look that we basically want. Perhaps we mock up a design first? This is step 2 after #1.

Neo Editor Positions

When AA Neo gets launched, I think it would behoove us to organize the different Editor positions a bit better instead of having everyone be an "Editor."

At the very least, the positions we would need would be:

-- News Editor (Responsible for writing 1-3 updates to the News Blog/Section per day with commentary)

-- Editor (Copyedits articles for AA Neo-- Editing is an important part of the article writing process, both for correcting grammar errors and general logic flaws in the article itself)

-- Video/Podcast Editor (Not even sure if we want a Podcast on this site or not, but more video reviews would be fun-- Readers enjoyed our takes on classic games last time around)

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scanning in geek history

I thought you guys might find this interesting. One of our fellow geeks has taken to scanning in stuff from his old magazines. You can see the collection here.

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Everyone okay?

I'm just checking up on folks. Seems awful quiet around here lately. Anyone have interesting projects going on? I went to see V on Sat. Good movie. I also read the graphic novel, which was different but also good.

I'm leaving Wed for a conference that'll last until Sat--I'll be in Chicago.

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Banner Ideas

Okay, guys. I'm trying to brainstorm here about some possible layouts for the banner (across the top of the site). This is obviously a very important part of a website, so it's not something we want to just "slap together." Elizabeth is eager to get started on some drafts, but needs basic direction. I have some ideas, but wanted to discuss them with you guys first.

Here's a very rough idea of what I had in mind. Legend is below:


XXXX: Images of Matt & Bill (and others as desired?)

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