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Matt Chat 180: The Longest Journey

I'm back this week with The Longest Journey, a game proposed by Crow of Retro Road Show. While the game suffers from a very slow start, if you can get through the first couple hours you'll be rewarded with one of the best game narratives ever.

Download the mp4.

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Matt Chat 178: Dave Marsh on Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective and Dracula Unleashed

I'm back this week with ICOM Simulations veteran Dave Marsh. In this episode, we chat mainly about his two famous FMV projects, Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective and Dracula Unleashed. These delightfully cheesy productions were big news back in the early 90s, when even grainy, heavily-pixelated video footage was extraordinary. We wrap up with a discussion of the TurboGrafx CD game Beyond Shadowgate and the Looney Tunes games from SunSoft.

Download the video.

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Matt Chat 177: Dave Marsh on Shadowgate and Kickstarters

Shadowgate designer Dave Marsh returns to the show this week to talk about ICOM Simulations' Macventure series. We also chat about Kickstarter and why his earlier effort, Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective, failed to reach an audience.

You can download the show here.

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Matt Chat 163: Graeme Devine on the Fall of Trilobyte

I'm back this week with the final installment of my interview with Trilobyte founder Graeme Devine, the programmer behind the hit game The 7th Guest and lead designer of Halo Wars. After The 7th Guest, Graeme and Rob were superstars, but their inflated egos led to one of the biggest disasters of their career--The 11th Hour, the long-anticipated and long-detested sequel. The big squabble was Graeme's reluctance to do anything that wasn't "Scooby Do," and Rob's desire to make cheesy soft porn.

Download the video here.

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Matt Chat 152: Grim Fandango--the killer adventure game that killed off adventure games

Well, it had to happen sooner or later! This week, it's back the late 90s for the game many people consider the Greatest Game that ever killed a genre. That's exaggeration, of course, but it does make for a good headline. The story goes that although the game did reasonably well--it was NOT a commercial failure, despite the pundits--it wasn't exactly the cash bonanza that LucasArts was expecting. End result--they pulled the plug on their adventure game development. Now you had a situation where the two greats--LucasArts and Sierra--were not making adventure games anymore. Of course, Cyan was still around, but nobody but me seems to count them.

Or, download the mp4.

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Matt Chat 140: David Fox on Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders

I'm back this week with David Fox round III, this time focusing on his epic adventure game, Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders. David has plenty of great stories about the game's development, as well as Lucasfilm Games development strategies in general. It's really fun hearing him talk about the competition between his company and Sierra On-Line--and speculate why Zak was so much more popular in Germany than elsewhere. The ale this week hales from the Netherlands, so naturally I had to offer a toast to our very own Mark Vergeer. ;)

Download the mp4 here.

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Matt Chat 122: Josh Mandel's Insider Scoop on the Failure of the Dreamcast

I know a lot of you guys are big fans of the Dreamcast, so prepare to be traumatized by this episode. Josh acknowledges that there might be plenty of other reasons for the short production cycle of one of the best consoles ever, but his description of the inexplicable attitude of Sony of Japan's attitude towards their American branch is pretty damn revealing, if not downright disgusting.

You can also download the video here, but don't forget to tip the bard first. A few bucks and a few minutes of your time is all I ask for all my work.

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Matt Chat 94: Cordes on adventure games, horror, game narratives, the Ipad, and more

This week, Cordes is back with several fascinating insights into the world of adventure games and horror. We talk about the difference between horror films and horror games, storytelling, why adventure games should be sorted by their plot and not as a gameplay genre, and much more. There's quite a bit of meat here for anyone interested in designing an adventure game or wondering how they work. Download the audio here.

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Episode 8: Indies, RPGs, Medicine, C64 and Remakes

We're like a bad penny - We always turn up. It's Episode 8! Did we cut the show down, or has it grown into something we can't control? You'll have to listen to find out! Matt Barton, Bill Loguidice, Christina Loguidice, Chip Hageman, and I - Chris Kennedy - give you the latest in listener bliss.

Click here to download the show.

Segments and approximate times below:

  • Matt Barton on Indie games and their quest to save us from lack of originality in today's games (4:06)
  • Chip Hageman on (21:35)
  • Christina Loguidice on the use of videogames in medicine (36:32)
  • Bill Loguidice's first computer roleplaying experience (45:25)
  • Chris Kennedy and videogame remakes (1:11:16)

As always, we'd really appreciate any feedback you have to offer on the episode. You can leave comments here, email us, or review the show on iTunes. You can also subscribe to our RSS Feed.

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Matt Interviews Agustín Cordes

Hi, guys, I'm back, this time with the first part of an excellent interview with Agustín Cordes, the Argentina-based designer and developer of Scratches and the forthcoming Asylum. Both games are fine examples of horror adventures, with first-person gameplay and painstaking, artistic production. Here, Agustín talks about Asylum's engine (formerly called Kinesis), as well as the design of Scratches, the state of indie gaming, and much, much more.

Oh, and check out that new Armchair Arcade splash screen!

Download the audio here.

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