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Wii Fitness for Dummies (2010) - Table of Contents

Wii Fitness for Dummies (2010), by Christina and Bill Loguidice, through Wiley.

We just finished primary author review on the book, so it's now considered at 100%, though there are still a few minor things to do. Since it's at that point, I'm now able to release what should be the final Table of Contents. Check it out here: http://www.armchairarcade.com/neo/node/3046 . As always, any questions, ask away. We're still looking at a February/March 2010 release.

Wii Fitness for Dummies, available from retailers worldwide, is THE book on the Nintendo Wii fitness revolution. Part 1 covers Nintendo's Wii Fit Plus, Part 2 covers EA Sports Active: Personal Trainer from Electronic Arts, and Part 3 covers Majesco's Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum 2010. There are two parts of ten at the back of book, as well, which cover ten Wii fitness accessories, and ten other Wii fitness games, respectively. You'll not only get to know all of the games inside and out, but also learn proper exercise form, theory and methodology to maximize your fitness experience, all in the inimitable friendly and approachable for Dummies style.

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Arthur C. Clarke - R.I.P. - 1917 - 2008

Do these things really happen in threes? First Gary Gygax, now Arthur C. Clarke. Of course Mr. Clarke was 90, going on 91, so it was certainly a longer life than Mr. Gygax had (or Clarke's writing contemporaries, like Isaac Asimov).

He was of course famous in the mainstream and certainly beloved in the "geek" community for a variety of reasons. I previously posted a bit about his involvement with early telecomputing. His books inspired several early games as well, most notably individual titles for the ColecoVision (action) and Coleco Adam (hybrid text adventure), and a text and graphics adventure from Telarium/Trillium.

Whether you believe in the concept of heaven or not, the best you can do in this world, the here and now, is leave your mark in as positive a way as possible. All told, Clarke probably did that and more.

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Photo of the Week - Know your History! (02 - Non-Linear Systems Kaypro II (CP/M))

Welcome to the second of an ongoing series of exclusive photos here at Armchair Arcade from my private collection, Non-Linear Systems Kaypro II (CP/M).

The photo's main page.
The full-size image.

Without further ado, here are some neat facts about this week's photo (feedback welcome!):

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