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Matt Reviews The Bard's Tale

Hi, guys. Do you remember The Bard's Tale, the epic 1985 role-playing game by Michael Cranford? You should! In any case, perhaps this video will show you why you should care about this classic.

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The 2010.1 versions of Cloanto's Amiga Forever and C64 Forever available now!

Amiga Forever DesktopAmiga Forever DesktopCloanto has released the latest versions of their popular and easy-to-use Amiga Forever and C64 Forever emulators. This is great news for old and new fans of the greatest Commodore platforms, including all versions of the Amiga series (inclusive of the CDTV and CD32), and most of the 8-bit line, including PET, VIC 20, C-64/128, and C-16/Plus4. I hope to post full reviews of both of Cloanto's new releases soon.

The full press release details are below, along with all the links to the various packages available:
Amiga Forever and C64 Forever 2010.1 Released

Amiga Forever ( and C64 Forever ( are the easy to use emulation, preservation and support packages published by Cloanto, Commodore/Amiga developers since the 1980s. Beyond nostalgia, the packages make accessible to a wide audience a wealth of content and history that is engaging yet casual, and which can still teach a few lessons in gameplay.C64 Forever ScreenshotC64 Forever Screenshot

Features of the new 2010 versions include:

- Support for new emulated systems (CDTV, CD32, Amiga 600)
- Extended RetroPlatform Library (more than 20,000 titles) and content recognition code
- Support for Open RP9 format (packs multiple disk images and configuration in one file)
- CDTV/CD32 games run directly from original CD media, or from RP9 or ISO images
- Integrated printing via original Amiga EpsonQ drivers (via emulated printer)
- Optimizations for "power users" (content cache, performance, etc.)
- Hundreds of improvements to make the software more powerful and easier to use

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Wrath of Denethenor Live - Part 2

Wrath of Denethenor is an early Ultima clone written for the Apple II and C64 by Christopher Crim and published by Sierra On-Line in 1986 (c64) and 84-85 (Apple II).

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Wrath of Denethenor Live - Part 1

Wrath of Denethenor is an early Ultima clone written for the Apple II and C64 by Christopher Crim and published by Sierra On-Line in 1986 (c64) and 84-85 (Apple II).

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Matt Chat 5: Acornsoft's Elite (1984)

Welcome to the weekend with Matt Chat 5, covering another of the all-time greatest retrogaming classics. This week I look at Acornsoft's Elite, the pioneering space-trading game that made such a huge impact in the mid 1980s on the BBC Micro and other platforms.

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C64 Flicker Fixers!

Individual Computers have announced some new products, amongst them is a flicker fixer cartridge for the c64!

Read the full press release at

Flickerfixer for the C64

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Commodore 64 obsolete in 2008? Yeah, right!

CNN of all places is running an article called What can you do with a Commodore 64? The article has some great quotations from folks who seem to know a few things, such as this great one from Daniel Mackey of NY:

"The current state of computing is crazy. Any time you buy a system it is already outdated. Back in the days of the Commodore you really didn't have to worry about that because the C64 was what it was -- other than expansion devices."

You tell'em, Daniel. We've talked incessantly here about the benefits of giving the software a little more time to catch up to the hardware. The article outlines several uses for a Commodore 64 (past and present), which range from music machine to emergency response. Definitely a fun an engaging read for anyone who loves the C-64.

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