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Update Your User Profile!

I just added some stuff to the user profile page--bios and a spot to list the game/s you're currently playing! To check it out, click "my account" and "edit" to enter your new information. New users will get the chance to enter this info when they register. Oh--and if you think of some other info you think we should put on this page, let us know!

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Blogging for Armchair Arcade

Several people are asking about the blogging features here at Armchair Arcade. Basically, the way we've been talking about this site is that most of the interaction will consist of comments on blogs and articles (once we get the issues up). Things are running a bit slowly during this beta phase, but we plan to have at least one new blog post up per day (probably two or three once things get rolling). Since we knew there would be lots of demand for a general chit-chat area, we decided to include forums on the new site. If you just want to talk informally about something unrelated to a blog post, the forums are ideal.

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Welcome to the start of the new Armchair Arcade!

Since the beta test was going so well, we decided to switch everyone over to the new Website early. While we still have lots of work to do, we wanted to get everyone over and discussing things as soon as possible. While we have forums on this new platform, we really think a better way is discussing things directly with the "blog" entries, so give it a try. We'll be tweaking things as time goes on and look forward to creating new articles and print issues very soon. Welcome!

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My Status

Bill recently posted about his status, so I thought I'd do the same. Cecil and I have been working on the site, trying to work out the few remaining bugs and get things up to snuff on a systems-level. Drupal just released the official 4.7, and Cecil is working on updating the site to the new specs. Hopefully, this update will fix the annoying double log in nonsense.

Meanwhile, this is my last week of school, so I will soon have plenty of free time to work on everyone's ideas for improving the look of the site. What I want to do first is really bear down and make sure I thoroughly understand the CSS and PHPTEMPLATE system. I'm tired of tinkering with it; I want to understand it. Afterwards, I intend to work on some new templates (and I'll be passing on requests for graphics and such as I find a need for them) to the team. When I've got all these finalized, perhaps we can select the very best one for the default (but, heck, if the others are good, we could always leave them available as options).

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Wondering if I should be doing someting.

I have checked in a couple of times and it seems there is little happening here as the updates to the software are going on. Is there someting I can help out on Matt, or shall we wait for you to finish the upgrade?

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We've been HACKED AGAIN!!!!

Fuck, we've been hacked by those asshole hackers again! If anyone knows how to stop this from happening, I'm all ears or just do it! keeps getting hacked! Even AFTER we changed everything! This does not bode well. I'm going to point away from the gateway page permanently. No wonder it's a ghost town on there.

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The FAQ has been created. I also added two new content items.

I created the starter FAQ text. Modify/add/delete away!

I also added a "Links" page and a "Merchandise and Special Offers" page. I'll try to get working on them soon.

I also added some "forum rules" in the discussion forums. Again, just to get something decent in there to start us out.

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Merchandise and Special Offers


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Testing and Site Work

I noticed that there has been a user created for testing that does not have admin rights. Could whoever created this account please share the password. That way we can look over the access control issues with a user level account with out having to create one for each of us.


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General Comments - ALL Please Read and Comment on Each of the 11 Points as Applicable

Please, let's all discuss these and act on them where appropriate, or disagree or offer a different suggestion, as appropriate.

1 - I like "The Gurus of Gaming" that shows up after Armchair Arcade on top of browser windows. Good job thinking of that. The only criticism I can possibly make against the top logo banner as it is now with the logo and the arcade controls image is that it's perhaps a bit too long from top to bottom, but I'm not sure if that's adjustable. I'd like to see it about 15% shorter top-down, as right now it takes up a bit too much real estate for optimal reading purposes in my opinion.

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