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New Book Deal and Updates on Other Projects

I'm happy to announce that there will be a third new book from the Armchair Arcade team in 2011, this one entitled, TouchPad For Dummies, which will begin production shortly after the HP TouchPad's official release July 1, for an anticipated November 2011 retail availability. This will be written by me and Christina Loguidice, and joins our other book, My Xbox: Kinect, Xbox 360, and Xbox LIVE, which is well underway, as well as Motorola ATRIX For Dummies, which I wrote with Dan Gookin and will see release in August. Of course, Matt Barton and I are still in production on Gameplay: The Story of the Videogame Revolution, from Lux Digital Pictures.

I can't announce any specifics as of yet, but Christina and I are also in negotiations for two Nintendo books, one of which might be written this year. If either of those deals happen, we'll of course let everyone know. Here are the Amazon links to all of the Armchair Arcade team's books to date:

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Rampant Coyote Reviews Dungeons & Desktops and some Reflections on the Future

Rampant Coyote has posted a new review of my book Dungeons & Desktops: The History of Computer Role-Playing Games. It's a very positive and detailed review and really gets at the heart of what I was attempting with the book: Bottom line (again): I loved the book. If you are a serious computer RPG fan who doesn’t believe the genre began with Oblivion or Diablo II, and especially if you are at all involved in making or reviewing RPGs, you should give it a read. I have a response below.

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Randolph Carter Interviews Matt Barton

Randolph Carter of "Reading the Text" has posted an interview with me concerning my gaming background, projects, and career. It's a good read for anyone hoping to follow in our footsteps as game book authors. :)

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Matt Barton and Woot! featured in St Cloud Times

I was certainly happy to see that the St. Cloud Times has printed a very nice article about me in today's paper. You can read it here: SCSU professor takes video games to new level. I was really impressed with the reporter David Unze and the very talented photographer Jason Wachter. The article will only be online for a week, so read it while you can! They were excited enough to put it on the front page, above the fold--and very prominent!

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Dungeons & Desktops: 2 page review in Juiced.GS

I was very happy to see a great review of Dungeons & Desktops in the December 2008 issue of Juiced.GS, a quarterly Apple II journal. The review is very flattering of the book and made me feel good reading it! I was also very, very impressed with the journal as a whole. It is high quality, with good quality B&W images and a good balance of soft and hardcore information about one of the greatest computers. I'm sure any of you guys into the Apple II will love this journal and should subscribe right away.

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Review of Dungeons and Desktops

My copy of dungeons and desktops came today!

Obviously I havn't read into it much yet but

First quick impressions;

- Nice size / weight hardback
- Pictures all b&w (which we knew)
- Unfortunately all pictures are _very dark_ in printing... :(

more to come later

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