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$60 Games Endangered: Doom & Gloom from Epic's Mike Capps

Mike Capps, president of Epic Games, has grave doubts about the games industry as we know it--specifically, he's worried that the ubiquity and popularity of cheap iOS apps are making it impossible to sell big-budget games (like the next Unreal): "If there’s anything that’s killing us it’s dollar apps,” he said. “How do you sell someone a $60 game that’s really worth it? They’re used to 99¢. As I said, it's an uncertain time in the industry. But it's an exciting time for whoever picks the right path and wins." My take on it? Boo f**** hoo.

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The Second "New Book Being Published" Announcement!

I have great news! The now infamous book on the first 15 years of US home videogames and computers - what I believe will be the most comprehensive work of its kind ever created - has finally found a new publisher. Matt and I are very excited to be working with Andrew Rollings and Hiive Books, well known for The Commodore 64 Book - 1982 to 199x and The ZX Spectrum Book - 1982 to 199x. We're confident Andrew and Hiive will give the material the layout/design and distribution that this deserves. We'll begin work on the book again in late August of this year, after we finish off the previously mentioned book for Focal/Elsevier. As always, we'll keep you posted on the status of this and other exciting projects. By the way, thanks to AA member Harmik for the heads-up on reaching out to Hiive!

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Updates on Book Projects

I'd just like to take a moment to provide an official update in response to several questions of late about when the book on the first 15 years of home videogames and computers will be coming out (the one that Gamasutra is running excerpts from). As you know, during the time from when that book was first announced 3+ years ago, Matt Barton was able to get his first mainstream book published. Unfortunately, the major publisher for the 15 years book had to pull out simply because it was taking too long to finish and they had their own internal staff changes to sort through (and other financial considerations). In short though, the book collapsed under its own ambitions. Sadly, by the time all of that was worked out and the formula perfected (again, as evidenced by the Gamasutra excerpts), the market for videogame books through normal publishing means (meaning not vanity press, subsidized or self-published) has collapsed, making publishers hesitant to bite on even a 90% completed book with proven content and testimonials from countless people who actually want to purchase it.

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An Interview with Howard Sherman of Malinche Entertainment

Howard Sherman: Malinche Entertainment's Big KahunaHoward Sherman: Malinche Entertainment's Big KahunaAs many of you are well aware, I've always been a big fan of Infocom and interactive fiction. Although text adventures aren't nearly as ubiquitous as they were back in Infocom's heyday, they are still being developed and published today--and, thanks to the chutzpah of one man, Howard Sherman, they are becoming commercially viable once again. Sherman's company, Malinche Entertainment, is, to quote Sherman, "Infocom 2.0." I think you're going to really enjoy reading the following interview, in which Sherman talks about his ideas and goals to promote and support the interactive fiction community. Howard is a great guy, and I really appreciate what he's doing for an often underrated (and unappreciated!) genre. Big thanks to Howard and Malinche Entertainment for taking time out to answer my questions!

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