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My Epic Computer Disaster

Well, the timing couldn't be worse (have to work on critical book and documentary stuff this weekend)--my main computer, my Gateway Tablet PC, died some time after 4:30PM today. Not the hard drive, but something to do with the system, so it's fully shot. After a frantic run to the stores in the evening right up until they all closed around 9PM, no suitable replacement was found (seems like the stores are pretty much cleared out until after the 22nd, when they'll all mostly no doubt be Windows 7-based; I could have gotten an iMac, but I did not want to pay the Apple premium).

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Seeming Steal of a Deal for a Midway TouchMaster 4000 Countertop Touch Screen Arcade Machine

Well, file this one under possibly too-good-to-be-true, but I apparently just bought on eBay a used - but seemingly in great shape - Midway TouchMaster 4000 Countertop Touch Screen Arcade Machine for about $200 shipped (it has no bill acceptor - this is set to free play). While I was reserving the space on one of my end tables for a real skill stop slot machine, for what is ultimately less than that would have cost shipped, I have this: . Stunning. The seller has 100% feedback (it's an arcade supplier) and I conducted the purchase through eBay and Paypal, so I'm 100% protected as well just in case. Hopefully this is not only a win-win, but a win-win-win. Between this and the joy I'm getting out of my new (refurb, arrived yesterday) white iPhone Touch 16GB - which itself is almost a total pleasure after much tweaking (with some still left) - I've been on a personal technology roll. I'll try to blog about the machine after it comes. I'll also leave open the possibility that my wife will be upset with me, as I didn't get a chance to get her approval on this before pulling the trigger, but the plus side is we could easily sell this for much more than we paid if she insisted (we have to get new garage doors, family dental work, etc., so I'd certainly understand).

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New Contest at Armchair Arcade with Great Prizes - GRID for Nintendo DS from Codemasters!

We're proud to introduce a new contest for Codemasters' latest entry in their critically acclaimed GRID racing game series, this time for the Nintendo DS (and boy, does it look great!). The contest begins August 1st and ends August 15th at Midnight EST, so get your entries in now!

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