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Who will replace Wright?

It seems like the whole industry is abuzz about Will Wright's depature from Maxis. What's perhaps more interesting is a question posed by an Xbox co-creator, who sees a "generation gap" emerging and wonders how the industry will recruit and nurture new talent to replace retiring stars like Wright. Seamus Blackley argues that we need to stop squandering talent and let new people explore their own ideas--even when that seems risky or counter-intuitive. Mr. Blackley, I couldn't agree more!

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The Game Creators Newsletter--with Dungeons & Desktops!

I just received this month's issue of the Game Creators' Newsletter, and boy is it loaded with great content. Of course I'm biased since they give a nice review and excerpt of my book in there, but there are plenty of other columns of interest--Dark Basic, anyone? We don't hear much about the UK scene, so I'd check it out for that factor alone, but I've listed the sections below for your perusal. BASICally, if you're AT ALL interested in game development, get your butt over there and subscribe to this thing; it's fantastic.

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