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Rob Daviau's Interview on Scenic 7

Our very own Rob Daviau has just been interviewed for Scenic 7. The write-up covers his background and reasons for joining Armchair Arcade, as well as his thoughts on Monroeworld forums. I think my favorite part was the bit about the "me-too" generation who pick up an Atari-themed shirt at a mall and think they're suddenly retrogamers. Go check it out! As always, thanks to Carl Williams (aka Triverse).

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Rob "MaximumRD" Daviau = Newest Armchair Arcade Team Member

We're proud to announce that Rob Daviau, a.k.a., MaximumRD, is now the newest team member of Armchair Arcade. Many of you already know of Rob from his long-time membership at Armchair Arcade, and of course his many MaximumRD YouTube videos. Join me in welcoming Mr. Daviau to the team and be sure to check out the About Us page for more on him and the rest of the Armchair Arcade staff, who know cover the United States, Canada, and Europe.

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MaximumRD Indicted in Illegal ColecoVision Scheme

MaximumRD Indicted!: MaximumRD, aka Rob Daviau, is in big trouble (arrest photo).MaximumRD Indicted!: MaximumRD, aka Rob Daviau, is in big trouble (arrest photo).Some sad news for those of us who know and love MaximumRD, host of the popular YouTube program dedicated to classic gaming hardware. A Canadian investigation into his activities has led to his arrest and indictment. While the details of the case are still vague (repeated calls to the Toronto officials revealed little info), it appears that Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo have accused him of tricking local residents into thinking that the ColecoVision and games such as Lady Bug and Donkey Kong are just as fun as modern games. Indeed, apparently a few people who bought ColecoVisions from him enjoyed them intensely for months before realizing they weren't awesome. I was able to get in touch with a few of these poor kids, who still think that playing Mr. Do is just as satisfying (if not more so) than Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Rob's ColecoVisions were confiscated along with several other contraband consoles that clearly weren't nearly as good as anything out today because they suck.

I will continue to reveal information as it comes to me, but by all means do *NOT* insinuate to anyone that classic games and consoles are "just as fun" as the latest offerings from Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. Doing so isn't just libelous; it's immoral.

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My BEST Videos so far! Sega CDX and Coleco USB cart!

Check it out, I'm very happy with these, especially the two part look at the ColecoVision USB 128-in-1 multicart! Let me know what you think guys, thanks!

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Unboxing my SEARS VIDEO ARCADE II video....

My latest MaximumRD video lol!

Shaky cam, my thumb in the way at first, and horrible sound levels but that is the price for throwing togehter a video so quickly lol! My Quick and Dirty look at the unboxing of the SEARS VIDEO ARCADE II.........

A MaximumRD video on YOUTUBE.

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