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Buggy Boy - C64 vs the Arcade (Quick and Dirty)

Buggy Boy on the C64 is pretty good, there are some excellent ports on the Atari ST and the Amiga as well but back in the day I played the C64 version a lot. Actually played my little Buggy Boy demo tape off the cover of a games magazine with just the off-road track the most. Didn't play the other tracks that much actually. Read more below...

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Vintage Games Bonus Chapter Published - Elite: Space, The Endless Frontier

Gamasutra has released the fourth of nine bonus chapters not found in our book, Vintage Games: An Insider Look at the History of Grand Theft Auto, Super Mario and the Most Influential Games of All Time. The new bonus chapter is called, Elite: Space, The Endless Frontier, and like the other bonus and in-book chapters covers not only the title game, but discusses those games that influenced it, what it influenced, and the genre in general. You can read more about the book at its main page, where you'll also find links to the other online bonus chapters and well over 100 online bonus images not found anywhere else. The next bonus chapter will be on Rogue and will be released May 2009. Enjoy!

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Matt Chat 5: Acornsoft's Elite (1984)

Welcome to the weekend with Matt Chat 5, covering another of the all-time greatest retrogaming classics. This week I look at Acornsoft's Elite, the pioneering space-trading game that made such a huge impact in the mid 1980s on the BBC Micro and other platforms.

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