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GDC 2011 Postmortems and more now freely avaialble

Get ready for several hours of great video viewing at GDC Vault. The big feature for most of us will be the postmortems, which include Doom with John Romero and Tom Hall, Maniac Mansion with Ron Gilbert, Pac-Man with Toru Iwatani, and much, much more. There's even Raid on Bungeling Bay with Will Wright, Elite with David Braben, and Populous with Peter Molyneux! I suspect you'll want to head over there immediately and start watching these, so get to it. Let us know which ones are your favorites.

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Are Game Developers Adolescents?

One of the most-talked about things that happened at GDC (and which Bill and I sadly missed) was the "rant" session, where a reported named Heather Chaplin blasted the industry for producing childish, sexist games. At one point she said that the game industry itself isn't in an adolescent stage; it's rather that the developers themselves are "f* adolescents." Anyway, I just read some commentary on the rant by one of the other speakers, Leigh Alexander. I really liked Leigh's comments and think you will, too. I really loved this part:

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Matt's Reflections on GDC 2009 and W00t!

I wanted to take a few moments to reflect on "Matt & Bill's Excellent Adventure" in San Francisco. We've obviously got a great deal of work to do coming up in gathering footage and deciding how best to integrate the interviews--but for now, just a few fun things.

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Wednesday Morning - W00t! Feature Film Documentary Filming

Well, it's day 4 of our adventures in San Francisco and GDC. Still going strong, even though conducting the interviews is strenuous. We got to meet John Romero last night, who is certainly one of the most interesting and unpredictable people in the business--has a memory for detail like you wouldn't believe. I think he knows every Apple II game, developer, year, and programming routine by heart (not to mention his extensive knowledge of other platforms!) We got fantastic footage as well. We ended up going out to dinner with John and his friends and had a great and enlightening time!

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Follow us on Twitter

For anyone interested, I plan to twitter during GDC. The feed is here.

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