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Sean Cooper Talks Syndicate

In part two of my interview with him, Sean Cooper discusses the making of Syndicate, one of the best action strategy games of the 90s and "Bullfrog's finest hour." I don't know about you, but I'd sure like to play his multiplayer version.

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Matt Chat 37: Bullfrog's Syndicate

Here it is, folks, the new Matt Chat--this time on one of my favorite Amiga/DOS games, Syndicate!

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Syndicate Remake?

Just read on Joystiq that a big budget Syndicate remake is in the works. The original was a favorite of mine on the Amiga, so I'm excited to see the news. I hope they will go in the RTS direction rather than try to make an FPS out of it; it seems to me that the original model would work quite well with just a great audiovisual makeover. It might also be nice to ratchet up the number and complexity of the options you had to modify your cyborgs--and, by all means, keep the dark and brooding ambiance.

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