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100 Amiga Games Video

Today I have a little treat for Amiga fans--100 Amiga Games in 10 Minutes by Laffer 35. Laffer has put together clips of 100 different Amiga games based on the top 100 list at Lemon Amiga. As Laffer suggests, if you don't like the techno soundtrack, feel free to play whatever you want in the background (preferably some classic Amiga mods or chiptunes!!) BTW, see the link above for the list of games used in the clip below. How many of these games do you remember?

NOTE: Link has been fixed. Now the music is 100% better! Don't you dare not listen to it. ;-P

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Pinball Hall of Fame on Coin-Op TV

Coin-Op TV: Pinball Hall of Fame!Coin-Op TV: Pinball Hall of Fame!Rob Pennyman from Coin-Op TV wrote in to tell us about reaching an incredible milestone--the 50th Episode of Coin-Op TV! If you aren't familiar with Coin-Op TV, I'd suggest you high-tail it to his site to check out what all the hubbub's about. Unlike the typical G4 show, Rob's program focuses on interviews with the hardcore nerds who really know what they're talking about. It's free, so give it a chance--who knows, you might become one of Rob's many retrogaming fans!

Sega Genesis + 90's Cheese = The New Adventures of Captain S

Captain S uses the rare Sega Mouse!Captain S uses the rare Sega Mouse! While Internet only TV shows are common, it is rare to see ones devoted to the gaming crowd. One of the more amusing ones is The New Adventures of Captain S, a parody of the Captain N cartoon combined with the cheesiness of 90's sitcoms.

The plot involves Chad Belmont discovering he has the power to be sucked into his Sega Genesis in order to fight his evil nemesis, NES. Only 3 episodes have been produced so far, but the best by far is the most recent one, All's Fair in Love and Sega.

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Feature Article: Defining Past and Present Game Genres


Why past and present?  Certain game types, while still alive through the efforts of thousands of active hobby programmers, are no longer available in mainstream retail outlets and thus don’t knowingly exist to large portions of the game playing public.  Therefore, described in alphabetical order is what has been and what is still available.  Keep in mind, however, that one of the beauties of gaming is that many games don’t fit neatly into one specific category.  When example software titles are listed, only the publisher or developer is noted in parentheses, along with one of the systems or platforms the game appeared on.

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Feature Article: Defining Home Videogame, Computer and Handheld Eras


What is often lacking in casual discussion of eras or time periods when certain systems or types of technology dominated is an agreed upon definition of what these really encompassed.  Below is one attempt at defining the significance of eras in the key classifications of home videogames, computers

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What can your Atari 800 do for you?

What can your Atari 800 do for you? Well, according to this You Tube video of an Atari 800 in-store demo (see below), mostly business and professional applications (yeah, right). It's almost sad to see Atari working so hard in this demo to impress the very people who dismissed Atari as nothing more than a maker of game consoles. Both Atari and Commodore shunned the "game machine" label, even though the most loyal fans of both systems probably played more games than any other type of software (though I'm sure any of these fans would be quick to defend these machines as "real computers.") Although the demo mentions the popular hit Star Raiders, it's obviously designed to minimize the game-playing potential of the system. Interestingly, companies like Alien Ware (and increasingly Dell) seem willing to offer "gaming rigs" without bothering to play up the business/professional potential of these systems.

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Where are they now? Street Fighter II Warriors

A site called College Humor has a really well-done and funny video up called Street Fighter: The Later Years. The video picks up 10 years after SF 2, and shows what life is like now for two SF characters--Zangif and Dhalsim. It appears to be part of an upcoming series of shorts, and I'm already looking forward to the next installment.

Secondly, though it can't compete with Bill's massive retro studio, you should definitely check out Jeff Kinder's Gameroom. Kinder is a Dragon's Lair freak with one of the sweetest basement arcades in the US! Bill--Kinder lives in northern New Jersey. Coincidence?

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Lady Bug and A-VCS-tec Challenge now available for the Atari 2600 VCS!

Lady Bug screenshot: for the Atari 2600 VCSLady Bug screenshot: for the Atari 2600 VCSThanks to our friends at AtariAge, two new homebrew games for the Atari 2600 Video Computer System (VCS) are now widely available. While "A-VCS-tec Challenge" has been made previously available in a limited run (my original blog about it here) - though sourced from Europe - this is the first time I'm aware that this new, original arcade conversion of "Lady Bug" is available for sale.

G4 Icons Ep on ESRB Ratings

Just watched an episode of Icons on YouTube that was fairly decent-- it covered the formation of the ESRB. While I didn't learn a whole lot from the episode that I didn't already know, its political slant made it appear more professional than the usual "cowabunga dude" casual demeanor G4 typically presents in its tripe it calls original programming. Check out the full link after the jump.

I wish the episode would have gone more into the controversy with the ESRB. Not too long ago, a Punisher video game was released for the PS2. The designer of the game was greatly upset at how the ESRB insisted upon censoring the special "violent kills" in the game; originally, they were in color and showed the full kill. In the finished version of the game, they are shown in black and white and sometimes fade to white or cut out early.

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Gaming on a Macintosh (YouTube + Rant)

My friend Clancy over at Kairosnews just posted a link to this spoof about gaming on the Mac. It's a spoof of all those "hip" Apple commercials I haven't ever seen because I never watch television, but it's still pretty funny (if a bit unfair). The theme is, "Photoshop isn't a game." I might add, "Boot Camp is not a game, either."

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