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Hover Force in 3D for the Intellivision using $5 glasses! (video)

Yes, the 1986 Intellivision game, Hover Force, can now be played while viewing it in its original 3D, just by using a simple Crayola toy. Check out the video overview and the links below for more details!

Click here for the original AtariAge forum topic discussing the discovery.
Click here for the full YouTube video for Hover Force for Intellivision.
Click here for the Hover Force Wikipedia page.
Click here to purchase the Crayola 3D Chalk with glasses from Amazon (just one of many options to get the required glasses).

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Casual Look at the Box for Mattel's Checkers, Intellivision Version

Today's casual iPhone photos are of 1979's Checkers by Mattel Electronics for the Mattel Intellivision. It was programmed by David Rolfe and produced by APh Technological Consulting. This game was also rebranded by Sears (as Super Video Arcade Checkers), as they were wont to do with Intellivision and Atari Video Computer System items at the time so they could pretend they were their own, and also renamed by Mattel as Draughts in Great Britain because they probably wouldn't have known what a "Checkers" was over there (Warning: They also like to incorrectly call soccer "football" and the Sega Genesis the Sega "Mega Drive" as well apparently, so it's probably best to avoid that region entirely). Not surprisingly for such a hot commodity, there was a fourth version of Checkers released on the platform through INTV Corporation in 1987, this time as part of Triple Challenge. Though it's unclear from the title, Checkers was actually one of three games included in the Triple Challenge cartridge, with the other two being previously released as well, Chess and Backgammon, which were originally in the form of the licensed USCF Chess (1983) and ABPA Backgammon (1979).

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