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Me in Fight Night Round 4

Having finally had a chance to play my copy of Fight Night Round 4, one of the more interesting features to me was the "Photo Face" feature, where you use your Xbox Live Vision camera (or go through a process of accessing proper images) to capture front and side profiles of your face, then via some digimagic, it maps it to a 3D model.

As for the game itself? Still not sure if I really like it, or really, really like it. It definitely doesn't have the same "wow" factor Round 3 did (how could it? You can only surprise people once!), though it does seem improved in just about every way. So far, just a few hours in and I'm still coming to grips with the new control scheme.

Anyway, here's what my first attempt looked like (I've since changed the hair to better match how it's actually shaved):

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Books from the Armchair Arcade Staff

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Braid - The Cohabitation of Art and Videogames

"Art" is a word frequently thrown around in the videogame world, usually in the question, "Are videogames art?". While art truly is in the eye of the beholder and it's ultimately fruitless to try and argue if videogames and art can be one in the same, from my perspective there have been precious few times when something in the videogame world struck me as beautiful and made me feel emotions normally reserved for my experiences with other forms of entertainment. It's with that idea in mind then that I come to Braid from Number None Inc., for Microsoft's Xbox 360, via Xbox Live Arcade. To me, this time manipulation puzzle platformer is art in its truest sense, from the painterly, animated graphics style to the almost transcendental instrumental music to the rather flowery and richly constructed prose. Braid is also a game of seemingly purposeful contrasts, embracing often overly tread videogame constructs like jumping on enemy heads to dispatch them (Super Mario Bros.), finding and using keys (Shamus) and puzzle pieces (Impossible Mission), and reversing time in order to meet or re-do certain goals (Blinx), all wrapped up in an achingly beautiful aesthetic that makes everything else about it quite all right thank you very much. If I weren't terrifically busy and feeling a bit guilty about best use of my own time, I'd buy the 1200 point game immediately, but I will have to make do with a taste of the free demo for the time being, a demo of a game I'll want to expose my wife to at the first opportunity so I have someone else, firsthand, to share the experience with (and an experience it is). There are already countless reviews of Braid (whose title, for those wondering, is also fitting), but here's a brief one to get you started that hints just a bit more at what the game actually offers...

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Comparing C-64 and Xbox 360 Copyright Schemes

I just found a fun presentation that compares the copy protection schemes used by the 360 with those of the C-64. I was really surprised at the similarities, despite the many years and "advancements" made in the interval. The presentation really gets into the guts of the C-64 and the 360; you techies and hardware hackers out there will really enjoy this. Link via maxconsole.

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Sears Makes ESRB "BooBoo" with National TV Spot

Joystiq is running a great post about a potentially nasty booboo at Sears--they've got a tv spot featuring some silly kid telling us how much he likes Halo and Halo 2, and how he bought them at Sears. The problem? Uh, the kid's too young to have bought those games legally, at least if we care to observe the ESRB's ratings.

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Frogger 25th Anniversary from Konami on Xbox Live Arcade - Impressions

An Achievement Symbol from Frogger 25th Anniversary on Xbox Live ArcadeAn Achievement Symbol from Frogger 25th Anniversary on Xbox Live ArcadeWell, as part of Xbox Live Wednesday's, which will see interesting new releases on that weekday for the near future, Microsoft and Konami have released "Frogger 25th Anniversary" to Xbox Live Arcade for the Xbox 360 yesterday. I was looking forward to the enhanced visuals and the new modes, but was ultimately left a bit dissapointed.

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Xbox 360 Improvements Released Today

Microsoft's Xbox 360Microsoft's Xbox 360All I can say is, it's "about time" and I'm very much looking forward to these actually terribly useful improvements, particularly with the music features and DVD bookmarking!

From the official release:

Gamers ask and Xbox 360 delivers with revolutionary free upgrade for all Xbox 360 connected owners.

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Retrogaming Ports for Modern Hardware

X360X360Racketboy has collected a list of retrogaming port announcements that are sure to interest retrogamers who don't want to go the emulator route. The GBA is getting a 3-game Capcom pack that includes Bionic Commando and Strider (whatever happened to that franchise?), and the Xbox 360 Live Arcade is getting a whole suite of really sweet classics (including Paperboy and Sonic). It really amuses me how many "obsolete" games are showing up on modern consoles these days--a testament to their status as true classics. Of course, this ties in nicely with Nintendo's announcement to cater more to touch gamers this time around.

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Hookers in my Table Tennis Game?

Frankly, when this was first announced, I thought it was a hoax, though a hoax directly from Rockstar. After all, a table tennis game from the creators of "Grand Theft Auto" and "State of Emergency"? Rockstar's Table Tennis for the Xbox 360: Yes, it really does look that good.  Imagine these games in a few years when developers really get a handle on next generation hardware...Rockstar's Table Tennis for the Xbox 360: Yes, it really does look that good. Imagine these games in a few years when developers really get a handle on next generation hardware...Sure enough, it turned out to be true and is actually looking very interesting. Rockstar's basic premise was to make the best possible playing game and put all their effort into great character models and animation. Essentially, take a simple game, make it a pleasure to control, and as beautiful as possible. Sounds good to me and something of a nod to earlier days of development. Hopefully such a high profile developer like Rockstar doing this and - fingers crossed - has a big success with this, will start to inspire other developers and publishers to take a chance. After all, this is the first stand alone table tennis game in ages and the basic design principle is a very positive one.

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