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Armchair Arcade on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and RSS

Did you know that you can keep track of the latest from Armchair Arcade not only through your favorite RSS feed reader, but also on the top social networks? That's right, whether you're a Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ fan, we've got a page for you. Click any of the links to check us out!

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Her Interactive Promoting "Warnings at Waverly Academy" -- with Twitter!

Well, this is pretty fascinating. Check out these Twitter Accounts from characters in Her Interactive's latest game, Warnings at Waverly Academy. The team has gone all out to make some pretty realistic looking websites and Tweets to help promote their new game. I just finished it a week ago, and it's really great. Although I'll have a more detailed review soon on Adventure Classic Gaming, Her did a great job this time bringing in lots of interesting characters and some terrific puzzles and activities. If you're into this series (and if not, WHY not?), you'll love it. It's a wonderful game.

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Finding Armchair Arcade on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

In an effort to embrace complete accessibility, we've created a greater Armchair Arcade presence on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Check out our Facebook fan page, Facebook discussion group, the Armchair Arcade Twitter feed, and our YouTube video channel. If you'd like to contact me (Bill Loguidice), Matt Barton, or Mark Vergeer, be sure to check out our About Us page. Let us know how all the various methods work so we can iron out all of the kinks. Enjoy!

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