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Restoring the HP TouchSmart IQ524 - A Quick Photo Summary

Well, my wife and I have been jinxed these past few weeks, with various expensive house repair issues and an as-always bad timing computer disaster. This time, it was my relatively new HP TouchSmart IQ524 and its 500GB hard drive. Apparently the extraordinary issues I was having with creating Armchair Arcade TV Episode 1 - Route 16, was not entirely software or inherently system limitation related. By this past Thursday, my system's hard drive died, as in no longer bootable and no longer even data accessible, which makes some of the performance issues leading up to the complete failure explainable. Ironically, an MXM (laptop specific slot, which is what my all-in-one desktop PC has on its motherboard) video card that I had ordered from China just came in as well after a month long wait. My only option then was to run out to the store (an Office Depot by my work in this case) and plunk down the $85+ for a new 500GB 7200RPM Seagate Barracuda hard drive (I could have spent more for a 1.5TB HD - the only other option there - but it would have had less performance and I really don't need the extra space at this point). Since the original hard drive was no longer accessible, my only recourse was to restore from a hard drive clone from the middle of December. Luckily, as was the case with the last computer disaster with the Gateway, most of my important data was either in the cloud or on a flash drive, so once I went through the entirely too long process of getting the clone data off of my network server onto a USB drive so the amazing Acronis True Image 11 could work its restoration magic, it was a relatively easy process to get back to 100%. Unfortunately, this process took from late Friday until this morning (Sunday), so, of course, this put my already packed schedule behind schedule, including getting a script revision over to Matt Barton, studying for an "exam", and getting the second episode of Armchair Arcade TV produced. Such is life. What follows are photos of the take-apart-and-put-back-together process with my HP TouchSmart, along with some light commentary, including how the video card purchase seems to have been an ill-advised one:

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