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A Quick Recap of Rick Thornquist's Visit to My House for His Infocom Project

Rick Thornquist, who is working on a wonderful book and companion DVDs on Infocom (with a particular focus on the individuals who made the company tick), stopped by today on his packed trip schedule to get some additional photos from my collection. We set up various systems, including the TI-99/4a, Mac Classic, Atari ST, etc., so he could photograph the Infocom classics running on them (due to their age of course, some of my systems, like the IBM PC 5150 and TRS-80 Model I refused to work properly for us). My house in New Jersey was one of many destinations on his trip, which started at his home in Canada and took (and will continue to take) him throughout the US to both gather material from and interview (in HD, of course), those involved with (and interested in) the company. It's a heck of a project, and from what I could see, he's doing everything exactly as any true fan would want, so the end product (probably a coffee table book with companion DVDs) is definitely one to look out for after it's completed, particularly based on some of the great stories he was telling me. Between this, and Jason Scott's soon-to-be-released, Get Lamp, documentary, both Infocom and text adventure fans in general have a great deal to look forward to. As always, we'll keep you posted on the latest with all of these projects.

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