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ARCHOS Gamepad Web Browsing and Speed Comparison with Nexus 7

A request by a viewer to show something of the browsing experience on the Archos device - very comparable to other devices on the market. And the speed.

ARCHOS Gamepad Specs:

ARCHOS Gamepad Overview:

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Revo K101 demonstration and comparion with the K1GBA - Other handhelds & the future of gaming

This hand-held is a 99-100% GBA, GBC hardware compatible game system. It is 99-100% software compatible with GBA, GBC, GB, NES through loading game files off a SD-card. The form factor and looks of the system can seem familiar as it uses the same case as the Gemei A330 aka Dingoo - but mind you this is not the same system. Compared with the original GBA case the system is about the same size, also the screen is about the same size but of a much higher resolution. The angle of the B and A buttons on the original is less steep than the diamond orientation of the Y X B A button layout on the Revo. The screen is not protected by a layer of glass, just a layer of plastic so you need to be a little careful. Don't put it in trousers but put it in the provided sack or pouch.

The camera I use barfed in this video - footage is very blueish so doesn't do the screen of the system justice - the camera makes it very blue with very little red. That's a camera thing. Just check out how it picked up my Nexus 7 - also quite blue so the camera :(

The system touts PC Engine and SMS, GG compatibility but the PCEngine emulation is far too slow. The GG and SMS games don't run full speed. GBA, GBC, GB and NES does.

Last year a SoC was designed based around the hardware of the original Game Boy Advance. It uses a dual core ARM architecture and instead of relying on software emulation to run GBA games, it is capable of running them natively.

Basically it is a hardware-reimplementation of the original GBA. And as a result it supposedly functions in almost exactly the same way as the original Nintendo hardware.This should provide a higher compatiblity- and accuracy-rate. It is possible to use GBA accesories and link the system up to another GBA, K1GBA or RevoK101. It also features video-out that works on a separate jackplug so the link cable can be used while the system is used on the television. The cable (composite) provides monoaural sound.

The real time clock allows for the Pokemon games to function 100% which is a big plus for a lot of Pokemon gamers out there.

What I wonder is if this system has any more advanced features compared to the original GBA (is there overhead) that allows for the installation or implementation of another operating system that opens up the hardware to more advanced emulation software of other systems. But that may not be the case as this seems to pretty much hardware duplicate the original GBA hardware.

The battery used in the K1GBA (the GBA-SP clone is the same one as the battery used in the original GBA-SP). The battery used in the RevoK101 is a clone of the Nokia BL-5B. Order one of these and you got an excellent replacement for the built-in battery.

Where can you get this system? The price is about $60 (~£40) €50 and for that price you practially can't refuse this.

Well you can get one here:

The GBA-SP one you can get here:

The RevoK101 website:

"Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use."

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Buggy Boy - C64 vs the Arcade (Quick and Dirty)

Buggy Boy on the C64 is pretty good, there are some excellent ports on the Atari ST and the Amiga as well but back in the day I played the C64 version a lot. Actually played my little Buggy Boy demo tape off the cover of a games magazine with just the off-road track the most. Didn't play the other tracks that much actually. Read more below...

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SLUBAN building blocks, how do they stack up - a cheap LEGO Alternative or more?

SLUBAN building blocks is a product made in China and it is a direct competitor to the well known LEGO building blocks. I got three boxes from three different series and I just was very curious after the quality and how it compares with LEGO. Just a first look!

Mind you it is NOT LEGO but actually both will fit on each other without any problems. That is a good thing when you want to mix up LEGO and SLUBAN. SLUBAN blocks are more lightweight but they stack and unstack as well as LEGO blocks. The material used is lighter and that is especially noticable in the smaller pieces which can be a little flimsy but still they make good toys for kids. The material is nice and shiny and quite scratch resistent like the LEGO blocks. The blocks are formed very consistent and look well made. Good moulds were used and the plastic although lightweight is sturdy and seems of a good quality. Apart from the weight the looks and designs seem close to LEGO quality.

Still a very nice affordable alternative to LEGO with some nice designs and series. I'd seriously consider going for SLUBAN. Especially for the price which is really good compared to what you get for your money. Quite a few of the designs are military, police, army themed but more child-friendly themes do exist.

There's also a SLUBAN Big Blocks LEGO DUPLO alternative for the very small ones.

The Treasure seeker plane - €3,59
Artikelnummer: M38-B0162

Redcliff Asian Soldier cart - €3,99
Artikelnummer: M38-B0259

Sluban Resque Team Helicopter with 4 figurines - €5,99
Artikelnummer: M38-B0102

So all these toysets for under € 12,00

Score SLUBAN 7-8/10, LEGO 9/10



Sorry for continuously comparing this with LEGO but that is what I was exposed to myself as a kid and as I am looking for stuff to have in the house for my nephews to play with I was pleasantly surprised by this brand.

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3DS XL - System review (an in depth look)

-System overview (00:43)
-Comparison of the layout
-Comparison of the screens
-Demonstration of viewing angle
-Some information on the easy system transfer option (Internet connection required, you can also transfer your Ambassador status and extra games if you got the 3DS at launch) (10:30)
- An overview of the downloaded software I have
- Sound system
- Demonstration of fantastic 2D 'scanline-like' mode on the 3DS XL screen! (21:40) - this in my opinion makes the screen on this system superior to the regular 3DS screen.

The end sequence features a track created by ZombieAndy1979 'The Lake'

I got quite a few PMs and video responses on my last personal 3DS video - some wanted, asked or some even demanded a better more in depth look - so here it is. And not to worry - YT didn't screw up the framerate on this one :P

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Windows Experience Score Across My Current Systems - Discrete Graphics Make a Difference!

As detailed previously, after canceling my two year Pandora pre-order, I decided to put the money towards a Sager gaming laptop. As mentioned, this was going to be my first true gaming PC since an old Windows XP Dell desktop from I-don't-remember-when (that system is in my basement office and used as-needed). Well, the laptop arrived earlier today, so I decided to do a Windows 7 Experience score comparison between that and our other current systems, most of which, unlike the Sager, do not feature discrete graphics cards. The results were startling. I'll start with the oldest system first:

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