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The Great PC Software Inventory Experiment - How much crap can one computer handle?

For the purposes of my own sanity, I decided to do a software inventory of both of my active systems, one an HP TouchSmart PC that is my main computer at home, and the other a Sager laptop, that I use as my primary PC gaming system. I had previously only been keeping track of what I've been installing on the Sager laptop because I wanted to keep track of what games I had installed at any one time (since PC gaming likes to make itself difficult with putting this and that in various folders and being available via various services and what-not) so I had a fighting chance of actually remembering to play them. Anyway, I decided that that same concept should apply to my main computer, since I was burying myself under a sea of apps that I would surely forget I had over time and would therefore never get to use. The results of my inventory were rather sobering in that it's remarkable the amount of junk and redundancy that is accrued over time.

It is with the above in mind that I provide the inventory below not as something to boast about or specifically discuss, but as a sobering testament to how easy it is to overwhelm yourself with software, even on a computer that's not especially old (in fact, as of this writing, only about 14 months into my ownership). [By all means, though, use the comments to this blog post to relate your own stories, because I'd love to hear them.] The list below - along with the accompanying data - represents about 186GB of information on my hard drive:

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