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Matt Chat 142: Wasteland

Wasteland! By now, everybody who has ever been a fan of this game knows about Brian Fargo's Kickstarter project to make the sequel. So, naturally, I decided this week to take a look at the hallowed original. While not everything has aged gracefully, I must say it still holds up rather well today, with a particularly gritty storyline and great writing (printed in the manual, of course). It's also a remarkably violent game, going so far as to have the player slaughtering "cute little animals" and even babies! This game would definitely get an M rating today and probably arouse the ire of our good friend Hillary Clinton. At any rate here's the video!

You can download the mp4 here.

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Matt's Podcast 10: Detoxic Waste

Wasteland 2Wasteland 2Hi, folks, I'm back this week with a new podcast. Topics include Wasteland 2 and Kickstarter funding, brainstorming Matt Chat DVDs and documentaries, Baer vs. Bushnell, and a closer look at the Mass Effect 3 ending fiasco. Don't forget to visit the Wasteland 2 Kickstarter page.
Download the mp3 here.

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Brian Fargo Doing Wasteland 2 with Crowdsource Funding!

Wasteland II!Wasteland II!This just in from Brian Fargo: "I thought you all might be interested to know we are seriously looking at bringing a new Wasteland back with crowdsource funding. If we get enough support it could finally happen. Nothing would make me happier."

This of course, follows in the wake of Doube Fine's success raising money to produce a new game in the style of the classic click-and-point adventures (Secret of Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle, etc.") Well, thanks to good ol' Brian Fargo, the many fans of Wasteland might get to experience the same thrills!

Imagine it: A core group of CRPG experts making a CRPG the way THEY want to make it, with no clumsy, stupid interference from PUBLISHERS and their armies of clipboard-wielding nincompoops.

For you young pups, Wasteland is a 1988 classic that inspired the Fallout series. Fargo was part of the original team. I've always thought of it as a post-apocalyptic Bard's Tale. It's widely celebrated for its amazing atmosphere and fun gameplay, and of course the box and manual are true collector's items (not the made-to-be-collectible junk we get in "special editions").

As soon as I learn more, I'll pass the news along.

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Matt Chat 90: Wasteland, Fallout, and Stonekeep with Brian Fargo

This week, I'm back with part two of my interview with Interplay founder Brian Fargo. In this segment, we talk about Wasteland, Fallout, Stonekeep, and modern CRPGs vs. the great classics of the 80s and 90s. Download the audio here (also available on iTunes). Click here if you'd like to donate to the show. Enjoy!

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