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Baldur's Gate: Slogging, Life, and finding the HOLY GRAIL of Videogaming!

Although a previous post in another thread made it sound like I hated "Baldur's Gate," let me make this clear: Baldur's Gate is a GREAT game! It just took a lot of time for me to realize it. In fact, it achieved the HOLY GRAIL of what I seek in a game: it gave me a NEW gaming experience! I had to make a TERRIFYING choice, and it felt REAL! I can't recall ever feeling that in a game before, and it was exhilarating! This is role playing!

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Hey everyone, if you haven't seen this show please check out my video at get some info on a great show produced and hosted by a great guy John Gibson AKA GRILLEDMONKEYFAT on many forums, I am sure once you check out his site and a few of his shows you will look forward to seeing more! As always you comments, feedback etc is much appreciated!

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A Review of Nancy Drew: The Haunting of Castle Malloy

Her Interactive's Nancy Drew: The Haunting of Castle Malloy, is the 19th game in what is undoubtedly the longest-running adventure game series in history. The games have all been outstanding, and even the weakest were better than many a competitor. The Haunting of Castle Malloy is probably the most challenging of the entire series, with about three times as many puzzles as the previous games. Although my wife and I were able to complete the game without consulting outside hints, it took us several days and a few late-nights to get through it. Overall, I give this game a hearty recommendation, and if you haven't played any of the past games, this might be the one that gets you hooked.

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February Retrogaming Radio Released!

Shane Raistlin Monroe has released the February edition of Retrogaming Radio, which, as always, is loaded with great content for anyone even remotely interested in retrogaming and classic computing. Shane has even been kind enough to review my book Dungeons and Desktops.

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Review and Interview for MindRec's Meteor Blaster DX Signature Edition (NEC Turbo Duo (Super CD), 2006)

System: NEC Turbo Duo (Super CD)

Release Date: 2006

Developer: MindRec

Rating: Good


NEC Turbo DuoMeteor Blaster DX Signature Edition is the latest and most elaborate version of the long-running series of homebrew games in NEC's Super CD format from author Bt Garner and his company, MindRecSignature Edition is essentially the same Asteroids-inspired product as the other DX games, save for some slight graphical tweaks, a hidden extra ship, a hidden extra demo, an upgrade to the Loop bonus game, and personalization options.

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Revenge of the Panasonic JR-200U Personal Computer (JR200, JR 200 U) (1983)) - PART 1

As luck would have it, I came across an amazing stash of Panasonic JR-200U (aka, Panasonic Personal Computer or PPC) stuff for about $40 shipped that puts my previous collection for this system to shame. In fact, the only major item not present in this new haul was Wordwatch. There will be no need for me to re-hash what was in the prior "A Long Visual Look at..." as you can just read it for yourself if you haven't already. Since all of the setup stuff is already taken care of, I can get right into this haul and PART 1, which will briefly lead into coverage of one of the interesting games now in my possession (subsequent parts will naturally follow suit in various degrees of detail).

First, here's a photo of the new stash, followed by a few cursory findings, then a preliminary look at the first game:

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A Long Visual Look at the Rare Panasonic JR-200U Personal Computer (JR200, JR 200 U) (1983))

In lieu of doing this as a traditional Photo of the Week - Know your History! feature, I decided that this extremely obscure, but not particularly valuable vintage personal computer deserved a bit more attention.

King's Quest 3 VGA Remake Worth a Download!

KQ3 Remake: Can Alexander navigate his way down the mountain without falling to his death a thousand times? I doubt it...KQ3 Remake: Can Alexander navigate his way down the mountain without falling to his death a thousand times? I doubt it...

About a year ago, Infamous Adventures released an unofficial VGA remake of King's Quest III: To Heir is Human. While graphically it is impressive with a nice MIDI score, the voice-acting is so cringe-worthy one wonders if it was done on purpose to pay homage to early CD-ROM video game voice-acting! It's worth a try for those who enjoyed the original and it was developed with Adventure Game Studio, a great Graphical Adventure Game toolkit that I need to start tooling around with.

King's Quest III VGA -- Infamous Adventures
Adventure Game Studio

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Atari Anthology (PS2)

In a record store (there's an anachronism for ya), I would call it the cutout bin. I guess at Toys R' Us it could be called the same. I laid out the $9.99 for Atari Anthology for PS2. Is it worth it? I'm not sure.

I never had the Atari 2600, having only played it at friend's houses, until I got my Atari computer, but I always remember looking at the JCPenney catalog each year at the screenshots of the games and circling which ones I would get if I actually had an Atari. This is back when the JCPenney in East Brunswick, NJ still had a cafe and I would eat the blueberry cheesecake with my older sister, who worked in the catalog department.

So tonight, I tried a few of these games, in lieu of a few extra hours of sleep, job hunting, paying bills, or whatever else folks do at night when they're not playing video games (yeah, I could think of a few others).

Ski (Magnavox Odyssey, 1972)

The Overlay for Ski: Deep in the heart of the Vazhdok Mountains . . .The Overlay for Ski: Deep in the heart of the Vazhdok Mountains . . .Ski! We liked this! Whoo-wee!

There's an alien concept you need to understand about this game in case you haven't actually seen it. Look at the Uberlay. This is a different type of Uberlay from the Hockey, Tennis or Football Uberlays, which were translucent. The Uberlay for Ski is almost completely opaque. The only areas through which any light shines at all are the dashed lines indicating the skier's intended trail and various obstacles located "off-trail" like trees and mountains.

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