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A Feminist Reading of Halo 4

I finally got around to finishing Halo 4 last night and the ending troubled me. Not because I thought it was incoherent or unsatisfying, but rather I didn't know what to make of its attitude towards women--or, rather, what assumptions it seems to make about the player's attitude towards them. One thing really stood out to me: clothing and the lack thereof. I looked around the net to see what others had written about Cortana, and quickly discovered I'm far from the only one who has some issues with it. As Jon W of Gamasutra puts it: "It doesn't seem particularly fair to permaban pumped-up teenage boys from acting like immature sexists when that is exactly what the game has trained them to be." Warning: there are some spoilers here.

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Episode 7: Adventures, Arcades, Female Avatars, The Gamer Revolution, and more

Fierce. Green. Dragon.Fierce. Green. Dragon.It's the month of love. Nope, we're not sending you valentines and a heart-shaped box of assorted fine chocolates, but you do get a podcast sealed with a kiss! We have a humongous show clocking in at nearly three hours, with special guests Jay Barnson of Rampant Coyote, John Pio of MAMECADE, and Alex Layne of Not Your Mama's Gamer. We're also joined by almost all of the regular AA team, including Bill Loguidice, Christina Loguidice, Mark Vergeer, Rob Daviau, Chris Kennedy, and yours truly, Matt Barton.

Click here to download the show.

Segments and approximate times below:

  • Jay Barnson (aka Rampant Coyote) and the fierce green dragon (4:44)
  • John Pio (aka MAMECADE) on classic arcade machines (16:00)
  • Bill Loguidice's third and final segment on motion gaming (45:15)
  • Christina Loguidice on Plants vs. Zombies (1:00:06)
  • Alex Layne on Samus Aran (1:08:51)
  • Chris Kennedy and the results of AA Favorite Arcade Machine Poll (1:18:26)
  • Rob Daviau on the Dreamcast (1:34:12)
  • Mark Vergeer on the Commodore 64 (2:10:06)
  • Matt Barton on Gerald Celente's Predictions of a Global (Gamer) Revolution

As always, we'd really appreciate any feedback you have to offer on the episode. You can leave comments here, email us, or review the show on iTunes. You can also subscribe to our RSS Feed.

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