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Why Does Duke Nukem Forever Suck?

Forever wasn't long enough, apparently.Forever wasn't long enough, apparently.Well, the first wave of reviews are in, and it looks like somebody's gonna freakin' pay for screwing up Duke's comeback. IGN gives it a 5.5 and offers us this stinger: Duke has not aged well. As simple as he ever was, as irrelevant as he's ever been. Ouch! Joystiq gives it similar treatment: Allow me to borrow Duke's trademark line which he, in turn, borrowed from a fellow 1990s artistic endeavor, Army of Darkness: "Don't come get some." PC Gamer was more forgiving, settling on an 80 score, but warns us that the development-time-to-awesomeness ratio isn’t impressive.

The complaints are many and numerous, but most come back to how long this game took to make and how lackluster the finished product finally turned out to be. Wikipedia even has a special page just for the game's long and storied development cycle, which according to them went into production in 1997.

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Matt Chat 100: Scott Miller will Live Forever

It's episode 100! Yup, I've finally strolled into 3-digit land. To celebrate, I'm re-releasing Matt Chat #6, the Dungeon Master episode that was deleted from YouTube. It's only available here and on iTunes, so grab it while you can. And, by the way, if you haven't bought our books by now, how lame is that???

Anyway, back to this episode. Scott talks about Max Payne, Prey (which looks awesome, by the way!!), the future of games publishing, and immortality. In a nutshell, he thinks services like OnLive are the future, and retail will wither away and die in a few generations. Companies like EA will exist only to help market and fund big projects. Finally, there will be a universal platform. I've got some comments on this below.

Download the mp4 of Matt Chat 100.
Download the mp4 of Matt Chat 6 (Dungeon Master) here.

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MC 99: Scott Miller on id and Duke Nukem

This week's Matt Chat is really something special--Scott Miller tells the exciting, spy-novel like strategy he had to use to recruit star talent John Romero, who was laboring under a contract with the militant Softdisk group. He then goes on to recount his falling out with Carmack over Rise of the Triad. But I know what you've really been waiting for--the story of The Duke! With no small emotion, Scott talks about how the character came about, why people loved Duke Nukem 3D so much (including the strippers), and how he feels about the publisher's decision to rip the game out of his hands and give it to Gearbox. Even though the game was finished (just lacking console ports), Gearbox will probably end up with the credit despite all the years of TLC put into it by Scott Miller and 3D Realms. You really don't want to miss this one.

You can download the mp4 here.

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Matt Chat 98: Interview with Scott Miller, Pt. 1

This week's episode contains the first segment of my interview with Scott Miller, founder of Apogee, 3D Realms, and The Radar Group. He's also a marketing genius who made a fortune from shareware, and recruited talent like Romero and Carmack among others. In short, you can't miss these if you're serious about videogame history.

You can download the episode here.

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