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The Wall Street Journal on Computer Collecting

I was interviewed for a computer collecting feature for The Wall Street Journal several months back, and the piece finally hit both the newspaper and online today. While neither of my two contributed photos made it in (which I've included below) due in part to a slight change in direction of the piece, several of my quotes still made it in. While I wish the piece was a bit longer (as I thought originally planned), I'm still heartened by the positive coverage this segment of our industry has gotten in a quality publication. Check it out online here. Photos below:

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Andrew Hewson: Hints & Tips for Videogame Pioneers - an interview

Hewson LogoHewson LogoHewson Consultants was a software company founded by Andrew Hewson in 1980. Hewson has a reputation for making highly playable games with a high production value that were very innovative. Fine examples are classics like Uridium, Paradroid, Avalon, Dragontorc, Gribbly's Day out, Exolon, Cybernoid, Nebulus. Even to this day Hewson games rank among my favourite video games of all time. In the 90s Hewson transitioned into '21st Century Entertainment' which was responsible for classics like Pinball Dreams, Pinball Fantasies, Pinball illusions and many others.

The games by both Hewson and 21st Century Entertainment play a huge role in my personal gaming history and when I found out that the man behind those companies has created a Kickstarter project, together with his son Rob, I just had to find out more. The purpose of this article is to inform you about the Kickstarter for a book entitled 'Hints & Tips for Videogame Pioneers'. And here a link to Hewson Consultants Ltd's website. I pledged and invite you to check out this Kickstarter project as well.

Below you can watch the interview I did with Andrew.

Update November 16th 2013:
11,481 Pounds have been pledged by 270 backers (10:29 GMT+1), so only 519 pounds to go with a couple of days left! I think there's a good chance this Kickstarter will make it! :) But do consider pledging to the Kickstarter as there are some benefits as a backer! Check out the Kickstarter page.

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Matt Chat 205: Bill Volk on Avalon Hill

In the second installment of my interview with Bill Volk, we chat about his days at Avalon Hill and the dawn of the computer games industry. Bill was a programming machine, writing games and ports for TRS-80, Commodore Pet, Atari 400s, and CoCo! We also talk about his games Controller and Voyager.

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Download the video here.

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Matt Chat 204: Bill Volk Part One

This is the first installment of my interview with Playscreen co-founder and Avalon/Activision veteran Bill Volk. An industry veteran with 30+ years experience, Bill is the man to talk to about the current state of affairs and where the future lies for Ouya, Facebook and mobile gaming, and Google Glasses. In this part of the interview we focus on his current projects.

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Download the video here.

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Matt Chat 202: Jeff Tunnell on Tribes, Torque, and More

Jeff is back this week for one last installment. Topics covered include Tribes, the Torque Game Engine, Indie games, why Microsoft shot itself in the foot with Xbone, and some "tough love" advice for aspiring game developers.

Download the mp4 here.

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Matt Chat 201: Jeff Tunnell Part Three

Dynamix founder Jeff Tunnell is back this week to give his views on educational software, patents, Sierra, and behind-the-scenes looks at Betrayal at Krondor, Incredible Machines, and Sid & Al.

Download the mp4 here.

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Matt Chat 200: Jeff Tunnell on Red Baron, Willy Beamish, and Rise of the Red Dragon

In my 200th episode of Matt Chat, Jeff Tunnell, founder of Dynamix, returns to talk about his company's greatest hits, which probably aren't the games you're thinking of. Then he talks about his fall out with Electronic Arts. Needless to say, if you're a fan of classic adventure games or flight sims, you won't be able to turn away from this episode.

Download the mp4 here.

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Matt Chat 199: Interview with Jeff Tunnell Pt. 1

In the first slice of my interview with Dynamix founder Jeff Tunnell, we chat about his latest projects, including Contraption Maker and why Jeff doesn't like Apple or Google's app stores. Then we talk about his background and how he met Damon Slye and Ken Williams. Then we talk about Stellar 7 and Arctic Fox, one of my favorite Amiga games.

Download the episode here.
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Check out Jeff's awesome blog below:

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Matt Chat 197: Lord British on Virtue

Lord British returns this week to flesh out our discussion of the later Ultima games, including the groundbreaking virtue system. Richard relates some of his favorite fan mails and comments, which include a heartfelt letter about a little girl whose life was changed forever by Ultima.

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Matt Chat 196: Lord British on Ultima

In the second part of my interview with Richard Garriott--aka Lord British, we chat about the origins of Ultima, J.R.R. Tolkien, and the Apple II.

Download the mp4.

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