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Dev Diary 027: Online Multiplayer with Smartfox and Unity C#

I'm a little apprehensive about putting this out, because although it seems to be working fine on my end--who knows what'll happen when people actually try to connect to my humble little PC. At any rate, I'm curious enough to try it out. Assuming you're able to connect, the game is controlled by the keyboard as follows:

A/D - rotate left and right
W - thrust
+/- - adjust power
space - fire

I've disabled the other ship models and weapons here--if all goes well, I can always put them back in. After I catch up on my book project, I'll polish this thing up (assuming it's not a turd. Although Mythbusters proved that you CAN polish a turd; but I digress). Have fun!!!

There is currently only one game room available. In theory, you should be able to enter your name and be put in when it comes available, but I've not tested this yet. I'm not expecting a huge load here, but if it did become an issue, I could add more rooms (and hopefully find some way to have this thing hosted for real).

At any rate, enjoy, and let me know (gently) about all the bugs and glitches you find.

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