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Play Expo 2013 / Replay 2013 (Manchester UK)

Custardo aka Erwin, the wife (aka magically floating camera aka cameragirl) and myself went to Manchester (UK) for a couple of days to enjoy the Replay / Play Expo gaming event held at Event City near the Trafford centre. This clip shows our adventures there.

During the event we met some people we knew from Facebook and YouTube and we even got attacked by a Zombie that managed to infect me. RetroGamerVX's video on Replay 2013 - the bit where we get attacked by a Zombie:

Custardo has created his own footage & here's a link to his channel:


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Replay 2012 'the weekend' / the expo

Replay Expo 2012 - a gaming event that was held at 'Event City' close to the Trafford centre in Manchester (UK).

This video tries to capture how we experienced 'the Manchester Replay 2012-experience' which was the weekend the wife and I spent in the company of Andy, Erwin, Mark, Sophie and Denver!

Please check out the 'Replay 2012 Pinballs' video that focuses on the magnificent Pinball machines that were on display ready to play!

The video ends with my 'pickups' :)

Cheers, Mark

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