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Mark Plays... Dragon Saber (PCEngine/TG16)(NTSC)

The sequel to Dragon Spirit, a game by Namco falling into the shmup category. Released in 1991 about 3 years after the 1st game. The cool bit about this game is that it actually has a two player mode which I can't show as I can't control two controllers at the same time. It features organic end-of-level bosses that you will find in many other shmups of this golden era of the shmup.
The Wii (Virtual Console) as well as the Playstation (Namco Museum Encore) got ports of this game so it is also available on newer systems.

If you are interested in the 1st game in this 2 game series check out Dave Webster's video on the 1st game called 'Dragon Spirit'
This video was inspired by him as I heard him mention he didn't own the sequel so I figured I'd show my little gameplay on it.

Check out Dave Webster's channel:

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What Is Nostalgia For You?

How do you define nostalgia? This is what it means to me. I am actually from the 4-bit generation as my first cartridge based system was the Odyssey2 / Videopac and that actually had an 4-bit CPU the Intel 4040!

Read more below...

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Google Nexus 7 - a more in depth look (HD)

Where to get your bearings in Android and the Nexus 7? Well check out the following pages mentioned in the video:
The Nexus 7 beginner's guide by Shane R.Monroe:

Green Robot Gamer: Real gaming on Android devices:

The emulators from Robert Broglia:

Excellent site with a a lot of interesting articles:

Okay so after fiddling around with my new Nexus 7 I proceeded to do some more serious things with it. Of course I want to be able to use USB thumbdrives and what have you so Rooting the device and installing software that makes the device capable of writing to USB thumbdrives was essential.

Propriocepsis is the system your body uses to interpret the position of joints and tension in muscles. A system really needed when playing with touch controls as tactile feedback is not available touching a glass surface for buttons.

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