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Mark Plays... Nano Assault NEO (WiiU)

You need to stop the spread of a deadly Nano virus. You must fight to make cells healthy again. Sounds like a boring biology themed bit of educational software disguised as a game but it is far from anything remotely educational. Nano Assault NEO is a great twin stick analog shooter on the WiiU - available as a downloadable game. Read more below...

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Episode 2: CRPGs, SHMUPS, Owning a Personal Computer, Girls and Games, Metroid Metal

Armchair Arcade is proud to present the second episode of Armchair Arcade Radio. Hosted by Matt Barton, this episode features the music of Metroid Metal and segments from each member of Armchair Arcade: Mark Vergeer, Bill Loguidice, Christina Loguidice, and Chris Kennedy.

Episode Two 48K version
Episode Two 128K version

Topics and Approximate Times Below:

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SHMUPS - Third Person Perspective Shooting Games - Part 1

What is it about these physics-defying games that makes them one of the most long lasting genres around?

Shoot‘em ups (SHMUPS) are a very specific kind of videogame that everybody will recognize, a type of game where you control a maneuverable weapon – often in the form of a spaceship – stopping enemies from destroying you or your bases. Control is often fairly limited, four- or eight-way control, but sometimes only sideways, combined with one or more fire-buttons. One of the most well known incarnations of the game is Space Invaders and a lot of later games all seem to be inspired by this old granddaddy of SHMUPS from the late 1970’s. Even non-gamers know what Space Invaders is about, often describing a modern day SHMUP as ‘being like Space Invaders’.


Most freeware software can either be great, or horrible. Kenta Cho, the man who runs ABA Games has created many great freeware software. While most of his creations are 2D shmups (and by the way they're all great), his Tempest-inspired Torus Trooper is a must play for all Tempest fans.

Shmup fans would also really want to check out TUMIKI Fighters for its intesting gameplay elements and art style.

ABA Games

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Pinball Warriors vs. Space Invaders

Retroblast has a neat post up about a video called Pinball Warriors vs. Space Invaders. It's an old British animation that pits some city-destroying Space Invaders against a cartoon crowd of pinball heroes. I'm getting this must have been very early 80s (if not late 70s).

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