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Thoughts on Game Length and Difficulty

I was browsing Rampant Games today and came across a great editorial called Games – Too Big, Too Hard?, which was itself a response to an article by John Davison of Gamepro. The idea is that while gamers will always say that they want bigger and harder games, what they do is quite different. In short, once you start observing their habits rather than just asking them about it, you find that gamers tend to play games for 4-5 hours before giving up. Most of us buy games, play them for awhile, then stick them on the shelf without completing them.

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Help Armchair Arcade Create a New Custom Drupal Theme for Free Books, Fame, and Riches*

Armchair Arcade's transition to its latest revision is almost - but not quite - complete. While we upgraded our server-side software and feature-set, one thing we're still missing is a killer design theme to really give us that Web 3.0 vibe (Web 2.0 is so 2009). If you know how to create killer Drupal themes or are an artistically inclined designer and would like to help, let us know via our Contact Us form. If we end up using your work, in return you'll get a copy of our books, Vintage Games, complete with an autographed bookmark, as well as an autographed and personalized copy of Wii Fitness for Dummies.

*Fame and riches not actually included with this offer, but you will have the books, our eternal thanks, and a nice mention on our About Us page.

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Matt's Underexplored Game Concept #1: The Shoot'em Down

We've been having a great discussion over on this thread about where the future great game designers will come from. While I love ranting and speculating about such things, I also like to play fun games.

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Fairness and Gaming

Mark Newheiser has a new article up called Playing Fair: A Look at Competition in Gaming. Mark does a great job of breaking down the issue of fairness in gaming and showing how different kinds of people bring different expectations and conflicts to games.

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Help Us Select Armchair Arcade's New Logo

[NOTE: This will be updated as new entries are submitted!]
Number 8Number 8Do you have ideas for Armchair Arcade's new logo? Do you know someone who would like to design a logo for us to look at? What follows are some very rough ideas of our own. It would be great if we could all work together to see what we like and dislike about various concepts and ideas. As we get closer to issue 8 and our first print issue, it's important we finalize a really clever logo design. The only requirement is that like the current placeholder logo, it has "Armchair" on top and "Arcade" on the bottom, and we're allowed to use it for any purpose without restriction. Bonus points for "Videogames and Computers" under the logo. Of course it needs to be a high resolution original file, preferably vector, or something we could recreate ourselves if it's not. Bonus points from me if it can somehow relay that we're about both Videogames AND Computers, and bonus, bonus points tying together classic, modern and future. If videogame-like characters could somehow interact with the Logo, even better, though they'd have to be original for us to use them. While we can't give anything away at this time, we'll give full credit for full usage rights and maybe something like a signed copy of our first print issue. Thanks!

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