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SHMUPS - Third Person Perspective Shooting Games - Part 1

What is it about these physics-defying games that makes them one of the most long lasting genres around?

Shoot‘em ups (SHMUPS) are a very specific kind of videogame that everybody will recognize, a type of game where you control a maneuverable weapon – often in the form of a spaceship – stopping enemies from destroying you or your bases. Control is often fairly limited, four- or eight-way control, but sometimes only sideways, combined with one or more fire-buttons. One of the most well known incarnations of the game is Space Invaders and a lot of later games all seem to be inspired by this old granddaddy of SHMUPS from the late 1970’s. Even non-gamers know what Space Invaders is about, often describing a modern day SHMUP as ‘being like Space Invaders’.

Retro Computer Gaming World Issues Online!

Though their selection is random and incomplete, Find Articles features over 10,000 magazine and academic journal articles archived online, many of them for free. Surprisingly, one of the magazines featured is Computer Gaming World, which was once one of the best written computer gaming magazines out there.

Other gaming magazines featured are Xbox Nation, Game Now, and Electronic Gaming Monthly.

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