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Matt Chat 168: Sandy Petersen on id and Ensemble

Here's the last installment of my interview with Sandy Petersen. We chat about his time on id, which includes a lengthy section on Sandy's philosophy of level design. Then we move on to Ensemble, with a discussion of team sizes and Microsoft's callous treatment of this hardworking and proven team. We wrap up with a chat about jobs and what Sandy likes to see on a resume.

Download the podcast.

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Abandonia Times Issue 2 now available for download

Abandonia TimesAbandonia TimesGreat news! Abandonia Times has just released their second issue, and it's available now over at The Abandonia Times website. The theme of the issue is "Doom and Horror," and there's a slew of articles on Doom, a history of horror games piece, Noctropolis, and Super Fighter vs. Sango Fighter (heh, remember that one?).

Oh, and also a huge interview with yours truly. :)

There's a lot of meat here, so get over there right now and check it out. From the editor: allow me to boast about the variety of the articles: we have freeware and console reviews, we have history articles, two interviews with two interesting people that marked the gaming industry in their own unique way, and a wide selection of non-DOOM PC game reviews which are at least tangentially related to horror.

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Matt's Podcast #2: Absolutely Reticulous

Shoot me now.If this is Syndicate, shoot me now.It's a smorgasbord of topics this week as I take on the question of "What the hell happened to modern CRPGs?" Why is everything becoming a first-person shooter game? The excrement begins to fly with the upcoming Syndicate and X-Com games. I explain why you should avoid any game "with a great story" and why I couldn't care less about Skyrim and Diablo III. I also talk about my experiences with Baldur's Gate and what I'd really like to see in future CRPGs. Hint: it ain't better narratives.

Download the mp3.

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GDC 2011 Postmortems and more now freely avaialble

Get ready for several hours of great video viewing at GDC Vault. The big feature for most of us will be the postmortems, which include Doom with John Romero and Tom Hall, Maniac Mansion with Ron Gilbert, Pac-Man with Toru Iwatani, and much, much more. There's even Raid on Bungeling Bay with Will Wright, Elite with David Braben, and Populous with Peter Molyneux! I suspect you'll want to head over there immediately and start watching these, so get to it. Let us know which ones are your favorites.

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Exclusive Interview with John Romero: Full Audio!

John RomeroJohn RomeroHere it is, folks, the audio from my 2-hour long interview with superstar developer John Romero. Although you can't hear my side, you won't have any problem following the conversation. The bulk of the conversation concerns Romero's personal history from childhood through Daikatana. You'll hear about the development of Commander Keen, Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, and Quake. Romero also discusses World of Warcraft, Star Trek, women in gaming, and plenty of other topics. Enjoy!

Note: It's a 90 megabyte file, so you might want to right click above and save as. The videos are below for your convenience.

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Matt Chat 54: Quake with John Romero

Here's part IV of my John Romero interview series, this time on Quake.

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Matt Chat 53: Doom with John Romero

Here's the latest installment of my interview with John Romero. I need to decide now whether to dedicate a separate episode to Quake or just finish up with one last segment. Anyway, here's the video:

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Matt Chat 52: Wolfenstein 3D featuring John Romero

Hi, all. This week, I return to my extensive Romero footage to bring out the story of one of my favorite first-person shooters, Wolfenstein 3D. Many historians argue that this game was the first "modern" first-person shooter, though there were of course plenty of precedents. Romero points out that it was the first texture-mapped 3D game with a guy holding a gun (earlier ones tended to be tank turrets or flight sim-style games). We also talk here about Silar Warner's Apple II masterpiece Castle Wolfenstein, which inspired Romero and Carmack's game.

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Matt Chat 51 with John Romero

Here's the latest Matt Chat, this time with rockstar designer John Romero!

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Casual Photos: Nightmare Creatures II, The Ultimate Doom, and Monster Maze

Today's casual iPhone photos, which are a real mixed bag (shown below): Konami's Nightmare Creatures II (2000) for the Sega Dreamcast, id's The Ultimate Doom (1995) with Episode IV: Thy Flesh Consumed for the Apple Macintosh, and Tandy's Monster Maze (1983) for the Radio Shack Color Computer.

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