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Video: Star Trek LCARS Interface in the Home

Pretty nifty stuff in the video from this Dutch gentleman, though it's debatable whether LCARS is a particularly efficient real-world interface. I've often wondered what I would do if I could design a home environment from scratch with reasonable resources. Unlike how most home design shows depict, most homes are designed/filled ad-hoc, with no real ability to plan things out in any profound manner outside of a single room or two.

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Photos of my Home Arcade Machine from when it first arrived back in February of 2006

I had recently blogged about and posted photos of the current state of my home arcade machine and the surrounding area. I've been going through my network backup drive and came across some interesting photos from when I first got the machine in February of 2006 that I never did anything with. When it was shipped, several wires inside got knocked loose and I was planning on documenting the restoration and the internals in great detail. That never happened, but I did take a few photos in anticipation of that. These are those photos (this is back when we were living in our previous house). I'm not going to describe each photo like I did in the previous blog entry, but they should still be interesting nonetheless for those wanted to know just a bit more about what's going on inside of the thing. When I power the coin slot in the future, I'll take updated photos, but these should suffice for now. Click here for the album of 38 photos or here for the slide show. Enjoy.

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Photos of Home Arcade Machine Area and More with Commentary

I wanted to take some decent but casual and unedited photos of my home arcade machine (from Dream Authentics, purchased several years back) and immediate surrounding area (part of the basement/den) so I can more easily refer to specific items when discussing them going forward. Also, enough has changed since last year to justify this update for January 2009. Any questions, ask away. Note, you can click on each photo and then select a larger size. Also, when you go to the Flickr area, I highlighted a few active areas on some of the photos with notes.

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The Second "New Book Being Published" Announcement!

I have great news! The now infamous book on the first 15 years of US home videogames and computers - what I believe will be the most comprehensive work of its kind ever created - has finally found a new publisher. Matt and I are very excited to be working with Andrew Rollings and Hiive Books, well known for The Commodore 64 Book - 1982 to 199x and The ZX Spectrum Book - 1982 to 199x. We're confident Andrew and Hiive will give the material the layout/design and distribution that this deserves. We'll begin work on the book again in late August of this year, after we finish off the previously mentioned book for Focal/Elsevier. As always, we'll keep you posted on the status of this and other exciting projects. By the way, thanks to AA member Harmik for the heads-up on reaching out to Hiive!

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A Fresh Perspective on Old Arcade to Home Translations

Zaxxon for the Apple II: Is it really a bad thing that this version of the game is not arcade perfect?Zaxxon for the Apple II: Is it really a bad thing that this version of the game is not arcade perfect?It used to be that home videogame or computer translations of arcade games were judged on how closely they mimicked the source material. This included how many levels were brought over - memory constraints often meant that one or more stages were left on the cutting room floor (Donkey Kong translations were rarely complete, for instance) - how accurate the graphics and animation were (did Pac-Man look like Pac-Man?), whether or not the sound captured the intended spirit (did Asteroids provide enough of a bass effect?), and how well the controls matched up (like angling the joystick for Q*bert), among many other areas.

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