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Hardy Boys Review Up

FYI--Adventure Classic Gaming has just posted my review of The Hardy Boys: The Hidden Theft.

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King's Quest: Your Thoughts on Roberta Williams' Masterpiece

King's Quest: Your thoughts on the world's most influential GAG.King's Quest: Your thoughts on the world's most influential GAG.Well, the time has come for me to turn my attention to King's Quest, having recently finished the drafts of Pac-Man and Myst. I played through the original King's Quest and a few of the later games, though again they're blurring together somewhat in my mind (will have to go back in to refresh my memory). Naturally, a discussion of KQ will let me talk about the PcJr as well as EGA and the early PC game industry. It'll be fun to talk about the many spin-offs, though I don't want to get too far away from the original game.

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Hidden Content in Adventure Games

Jess Beebe has posted a very interesting article at ACG called Resource Quest: hidden treasures in Sierra’s adventure games. It's all about the hidden files of legendary games like King's Quest and Leisure Suit Larry. These aren't to be confused with Easter Eggs; rather, Jess has found secret stuff lurking in the program directories, such as sketches and background art. In short, this is the stuff the developer probably didn't want anyone to see! If you like Sierra's classic adventure games, check out Jess's article!

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New Review of Nancy Drew: Phantom of Venice

Phantom of Venice: Nancy, dancing in a cat suit.Phantom of Venice: Nancy, dancing in a cat suit.I thought AAer's might like to know that ACG has recently published my review of the latest Nancy Drew installment. This one was particularly good, and Her Interactive has certainly redeemed themselves after the so-so 17th game. Phantom has a number of nice innovations and fun minigames, such as a DDR-inspired dancing sequence and singing gondoliers. All in all, it's a great game and well worth checking out if you're into adventure games. Like most other ND games, you'll actual learn something, too--this time a lot about Venetian culture and the Italian language.

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Benoit Sokal Interview Up

Philip has just posted our interview with Benoit Sokal, designer of the highly acclaimed Syberia games and a half dozen more recent titles. It's well worth reading for anyone interested in GAG development or the state of the genre.

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New ScummVM Released

Good news today for adventure games--the ScummVM team has just released version 0.11.0 of their popular emulator/frontend package for classic LucasArts games. The new version:

  • Support for the FREEWARE adventure Lure of the Temptress (available for download here)
  • Seven other new supported games: I Have no Mouth, and I Must Scream, Elvira 1 and 2, Waxworks (Amiga version only) and 3 Sierra pre-AGI games for children
  • Two newly available ports: iPhone and Maemo
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Thoughts on Nancy Drew: The White Wolf of Icicle Creek

The White Wolf of Icicle Creek: A great game, and not just for kids!The White Wolf of Icicle Creek: A great game, and not just for kids!ACG has just published my review of the the latest Nancy Drew game, so go check it out if you're a fan of graphical adventure games. I think you'll be quite surprised at how difficult and challenging this new game is compared to most of their older games; one puzzles is almost as hard as the infamous slime puzzle in The 7th Guest!

Of course, there's always a "Junior Detective" mode for inexperienced gamers, but the Senior Mode is sure to give your brain a workout. I also loved the story and the characters. Indeed, the only problem I had with the game was the relative lack of music. The earlier Nancy Drew game Danger on Deception Island had amazing, amazing music, and I keep hoping that each new game will match it.

At any rate, I highly recommend this game--it's one of the best Nancy Drew games so far, and definitely not "dumbed down" in the least. If nothing else, you'll enjoy getting to know Isis the wolf, who is one of the coolest critters I've yet encountered in a GAG.

King's Quest 3 VGA Remake Worth a Download!

KQ3 Remake: Can Alexander navigate his way down the mountain without falling to his death a thousand times? I doubt it...KQ3 Remake: Can Alexander navigate his way down the mountain without falling to his death a thousand times? I doubt it...

About a year ago, Infamous Adventures released an unofficial VGA remake of King's Quest III: To Heir is Human. While graphically it is impressive with a nice MIDI score, the voice-acting is so cringe-worthy one wonders if it was done on purpose to pay homage to early CD-ROM video game voice-acting! It's worth a try for those who enjoyed the original and it was developed with Adventure Game Studio, a great Graphical Adventure Game toolkit that I need to start tooling around with.

King's Quest III VGA -- Infamous Adventures
Adventure Game Studio

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Reviews of Ankh 2 and Runaway 2

Just a quick note to let you know that I've recently published two more GAG reviews on our friend website Adventure Classic Gaming. Check out my reviews for Runaway 2: The Dream of the Turtle and Ankh 2: Heart of Osiris. They're both good games, and I agree with David's earlier assessment of Runaway 2. These types of games don't get nearly enough exposure nowadays, so it's worthwhile checking out sites like ACG every so often to keep up to date with them. Enjoy!

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The Greatest Graphical Adventure Games Ever Made

The Secret of Monkey Island: A true classic?The Secret of Monkey Island: A true classic?I recently was visiting the Adventure Classic Gaming site and enjoyed a review of The Secret of Monkey Island, Gilbert's 1990 classic point-and-click that, for many people, represents the very pinnacle of the genre. While I have played all of the Monkey Island games and enjoyed each one immensely, I sometimes wonder if people don't seem a little too enthusiastic. For the same reason that I'd be dubious of someone who claimed that The Princess Bride or The Pirates of the Caribbean was the best movie ever made, I'm a bit leery of people who make similar claims about Monkey Island. Fun, definitely. Well crafted, sure. Classic--I agree. But I find that my list of the best GAGs looks much different from most that I've found on the net, mostly because I think a truly great GAG has to do more than amuse you.

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