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Discounts on Homebrew Videogames at Good Deal Games

Our friends over at Good Deal Games have a big discount on select homebrews in the Homebrew Heaven section of their Website. The deals, which are good until December 15, 2013, and in limited supply, include the following:

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Vectrex Regeneration (iOS) - a non-scripted first look

Freshly released Vectrex Emulator running on iOS available in the app store. The app itself is free but actual games are available in a pack and that is about 5-6 Euros. The app is available world wide. Sadly no word of an Android version of the app which should be very possible as the Android and iPad hardware really aren't that different and Android tablets should be able to manage something like this well. Read more below...

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Fury Unlimited Releasing Cinematronics' Warrior for the Vectrex!

Warrior (Vectrex)Warrior (Vectrex)Inarguably among the top and most prolific homebrew authors for the Vectrex, Fury Unlimited, is now taking pre-orders for an enhanced remake of Cinematronics legendary one-on-one vector fighting game, Warrior. This release includes many new modes, as well as a box and overlay. Check out the original arcade game here on KLOV to see just how impressive this new version is. Among the earliest fighting games, the influential Warrior arcade game is also discussed in Chapter 17 - Street Fighter II (1991), in our book, Vintage Games.

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Some Miscellaneous GCE/Milton Bradley Vectrex Photos featuring Matt and Bill

Matt and Elizabeth Barton came for a visit back in July, and I'm just now getting to cataloging some of the photos and video. Looking through the footage we took, I saw a fun series of Vectrex-related images, which I thought I'd share. This is truly miscellaneous stuff, but still a glimpse into some of the Vectrex-related homebrew activities that are out there, including the madtronix 3D imager and the VecVoxx-enabled (voice and high score) Spike's Circus. Enjoy:

Short video of Matt Barton and madtronix 3D imager for the Vectrex running a compatible game

The photos:

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Facial Animation, PC History, and Vectrex 101

Lots of interesting stuff in my Google Reader today. First off, Racketboy has a Beginners Guide up with tons of images and text about the hallowed Vectrex.

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New Vectrex Homebrew - Vectrexians (2008) now Available! Includes cartridge, box, overlay and manual!

Kristof's first complete Vectrex game is now available for purchase. Vectrexians is a clone of the arcade classic, Galaxian, and appears to be a superb port and another fine addition to the Vectrex library. Full details with screen and package shots here, including how to order your copy, which is complete with cartridge, box, overlay and manual, all in professionally printed full color. Though the price is a bit high due to the weak dollar if you're not on the Euro, it appears to be a great value for this popular classic platform.

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A History of Gaming Platforms - The Vectrex - Loguidice and Barton

Hey, guys, just a heads-up, the second article in the series from the book, this one on the GCE/Milton Bradley Vectrex, has been posted by Gamasutra:

If you're interested, as a special bonus, here are four images they chose not to include in the article:

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VECFU (Vec-Fu) One-on-One Fighting Game Demo for GCE/Milton Bradley Vectrex Now Available for Download!

VECFU Screenshot from Emulator: www.vectrex.nlVECFU Screenshot from Emulator: www.vectrex.nlThanks to for the heads-up on, details about and download for the demo for VECFU (Vec-Fu), a one-on-one fighting game for the GCE/Milton Bradley Vectrex (and related emulators). As Vectrex fans know, a game type such as this has yet to grace the suprisingly versatile and unique vector platform, so this is exciting news. I can't wait to download this and play it on my real Vectrex, as superficially anyway, it looks amazing!

And the story, such as it is:

The evil Daimyo and his minions have laid Waste to your temple and killed off all of the other monks while you were away in another province, and now you are on to get your revenge. First off you have to fight against the daimyos champions of martial arts, before you can face the evil one himself.

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New Vectrex Wrap Available!

Thanks to [] for the heads up on a new wrap (skin) project for GCE/Milton Bradley's Vectrex that utilizes imagery from the popular homebrew games YASI and Protector.

I got on the pre-order list by contacting Michele Fiori via e-mail at his Website. For around $25, this limited production collectible will not only look great on your system, but no doubt also become quite valuable down the line. Sign up now as orders will start shipping soon.

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Help create a new Vectorzoa Vectrex game!

Spike's Sea Snap Safari: Concept ImageSpike's Sea Snap Safari: Concept ImageThe prolific homebrew GCE/Milton Bradley Vectrex game developers, Vectorzoa, known for cartridges such as "Logo", "Star Sling" and "Spike's Circus" (which I've mentioned previously on Armchair Arcade) have an interesting way for ANYONE to contribute to their next game, "Spike's Sea Snap Safari". While label art and level design contests are popular at AtariAge, this is one of the few times that I've seen one for a non-Atari system.

This looks like fun and hopefully some of the Armchair Arcade faithful will take up the challenge and report on their results. From the Website:

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